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From Maureen Materi Canada
Maureen Materi's Miller Family History


Dominion Land Office, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan  - 1908
Rush for Free Homesteads, Dominion Land Office, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada - 1908.  My g. grandmother and all her children came to Canada.  Donald Angus Miller and family, did return to the UK.  There was another rush because of homestead land in 1912
Miller Homestead Moosejaw, Saskatchewan

Gorge Bridge, Victoria, B. C. Canada. 
To all those who's ancestors came from Scotland or are from Scotland and settled in West Victoria, this bridge will surely bring back many memories.  However, this was done in Sept 1919.  To the left after going under the bridge, there was once an authentic Japanese Gardens.  Never saw a boat like what is shown here all the years, I lived a few blocks from it.  The majority of the Gorge's shoreline has been redone, so is really a nice place to walk.  If anyone is looking for all the original 78 records of Elvis, Big Bopper, etc. will be able to find a few hundred of them, a ways back from the bridge, in the middle of the water. Never was able to get one flung across from one bank to the other.  Apparently, are restorable.