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A Better Railway for the North
Proposal for a Strategic Assessment Study of the Far North Railway
Corus Railway Infrastructure Services

1.0 Executive Summary
The Far North Railway needs to serve the people of Caithness, Sutherland and Orkney better. A fast 2-hour link from Thurso and Wick to Inverness would transform transport in the Highlands and boost the economy.


  • Corus has drawn out the issues for the Far North Railway.

  •  The Corus proposal will benefit the people of the Highlands and Islands.

  • Corus has the expertise to undertake a detailed study of the transport, engineering and environmental issues.

  • Corus will work in close touch with the Highlands authorities.

  • The proposal will bring investment and jobs to the Highlands.

Study of the Far North Railway

The study would look at the needs of the Highlands and how the railway could serve them.

Crucial ideas are how the service could be improved: -

A new Tain Golspie link with a station close to the centre of Dornoch.

A new curve at Georgemas Junction to allow trains to run direct to Thurso.

Increasing the line speed to 90 mph from 75 mph.

New Timetable with Express trains from Inverness, non-stop to Tain and Stopping trains to Tain & Lairg.

 New Stations at Conon Bridge, Evanton, Dornoch and Halkirk.

The study would provide a definitive, transport, engineering and environmental appraisal of a new alignment for the Tain Golspie Link.

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