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Fruit and Vegetables

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Eat More Fruit and Vegetables
and Save Your Life

Lowers Blood Pressure
Lower Cholesterol
Prevents Heart Disease
Protection Against Cancer
More fibre keeps bowels healthy
Low in fat
Prevents constipation
Prevents Diverticular disease
Filling but low in calories -  healthy but less weight gain
Live longer - possibly
Live better - probably (get ill later rather than sooner)
Let your children live longer and better - almost certainly

Fruit and Veg  - The Basics
Fruit and Veg In Pregnancy
Fruit and Veg In Your Diet
Fruit and Veg - Why Are They Important
How Can I Get Five A Day - but up to nine is better
Fruit and Veg - Harvard School Of Public Health
Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables - Pdf Leaflet

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?
Is a banana a fruit or a herb?

Pregnant and on a low income - Check Health Start
Free milk, infant formula, vitamins, fruit and vegetables

Potatoes may not count as they are made up of lot of starch
Eat less meat and more fruit and vegetables
Give children fruit for snacks - not sweets or crisps
Don't over boil vegetables as you lose the vitamins
Steam or stir fry to keep the goodness in
Fruit Juice instead of fizzy drinks
Drink more water

What They Eat
The Danes

National Campaigns To Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Cut out the coffee, tea and biscuits
Serve fruit juice  and offer some fruit cut up in pieces.

Obesity is killing fat Europeans, Americans, Canadians and other westerners.  Eating more fruit and vegetables in all of their diets might help reduce weight and stop early deaths, illnesses and make for more pleasant life in general.

Get Real
Africans have less Bowel Cancer than Americans and Europeans probably due to a much higher fibre content in their diet.
The Facts On Bowel Cancer World-Wide

Bowel Cancer - Scotland -
The jury is still out on causes and cures but cut the fat increase the fibre

Overweight children will die younger
Older people are living longer but their overweight children may die a lot younger due to being overweight and eating an unhealthy diet.
Feed the child (too much) and kill the adult (suffering overweight problems, illnesses (from cancers to heart disease and more)

Can Scots Get Real?
Scots are complacent about changing their diet.
Scots are amongst the worst in the UK for fruit and veg consumption.
Many Scots will drink beer and smoke rather than spend money on fruit and vegetables.
Some Scots think fruit and vegetable are too expensive and therefor do not change their eating habits or those of their children.

Sick Man Of Europe - The Scots
Best medicine for the sick man of Europe

And for goodness sake get some exercise