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Latheron School
11 July 2009
Latheron Hall
Achreamie School
30 May 2009
Weigh Inn, Thurso
Thurso High 1970
British Legion, Thurso
13 September 2008
Thurso High Class of 73
Weigh Inn, Thurso
22 August 2008
Wick High 1983
Francis Street Club, Wick
25 July 2008
Janetstown School
Saturday 3rd May 2008
Achow School Reunion
Sat 20th October 2007
Portland Arms Hotel
contact Mina on 01593 721426
Wick High Reunion
For Former Pupils Aged 58 - 63 In 2007

Mackays Hotel
Friday 27 July 2007
Halkirk Junior Secondary
50 Year Reunion

28 October 2006
Photos Here
Presto - Safeway - Morrison - Somerfield - Wick Reunion
5 August 2006
Francis Street, Club
Thurso High 1978
29th July 2006
Park Hotel, Thurso
Wick High 54 - 56
21 July 2006
Mackays Hotel
Janis Paterson
Eight O'Clock Club
7 April 2006
Pulteneytown Parish Church
Bower Young Farmers
60th Anniversary
28 October 2005
Weigh Inn, Thurso
Shearer Family Gathering
19 - 21 August 2005
Wick High 1965
30 July 2005
Mackays Hotel, Wick
Julie Mackinnon
Lieurary Reunion
23 July 2005
Lieurary Community Centre
Thurso High 1977
16 July 2005
Weigh Inn
Wick Girls Pipe Band
17 June 2005
Seaforth Club, Wick
Contact Linda Robertson
01955 631349
Thurso High 1960
9 April 2005
Weigh Inn, Thurso
Rhona Mackenzie -
Milk Board Staff
19 February 2005
No pictures held
Wick High 1977
Mackays Hotel
21 August 2004
Wick High 1966
31 July 2004
Colin Richard
Thurso High 1976
31 July 2004
Weigh Inn
Clair McIntosh
Thurso High 79 - 85
Weigh Inn
10 April 2004
Weydale School
British Legion, Thurso
18 October 2003
Lyth School
Barrock Public
Lyth Village Hall
23 August 2003
Wick High 1978
Dounreay Club
25 July 2003
US Base Reunion
Old Forss Base
14 - 20 July 2003
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Thurso Pipe Band
90th Anniversary
contact David Manson
01847 891042
19 July 2003
Thurso High 1983
Weigh Inn, Thurso
12 July 2003
Wick High 50 - 55
Mackays Hotel
2 August 2003
Wick High 1975
Dounreay Club
1 August 2003
Thurso High Class 74
24 August 2002
New Weigh Inn
Karen Jones
Wick Scouts
1 August 2002
1930's - 1960's
Mackays Hotel
FREE  - Informal
2 August 2002
Unveil Plaque
David More and others
Wick High 74 - 80
26 July 2002
Mackays Hotel
Wick High
Commercial Class
!952 - 1956

26 July 2002
Wick High 1979
11 August 2001
Kirsty Shearer
Wick Scouts
2 August 2001
1930's - 1960's
Mackays Hotel
David More and others
Wick High 49-51
3 August 2001
Mackay's Hotel
Janis Paterson
(nee McGee)
Wick High Class 73
27 July 2001
Dounreay Club Wick
Maureen Coghill
Wick Class 76
27 July 2001
Mackay's Hotel
Debbie Bain
Wick High 72 Reunion Pictures
20 October 2000
Pulteneytown 70-77
3 March 2001
Norseman Hotel
Mandy Scudder
(nee Miller)
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Contact Details

If you would like your email address added to any of the reunion pages just let us know.  We will only add the email addresses of anyone who gets in touch to request this.  We know that on reunion nights its can be too busy to get round everyone and you may not have had time to collect contact details.

13 July 2010
Class of 65 - 45th Anniversary Reunion
Did you start Wick High School in 1965? If you did then we would like to meet up with you in the Seaforth Club, Wick, on Saturday 31st July at 7.30 pm. We have entertainment by way of a 60's disco and a 2-course buffet provided by Wicker's World. Tickets can be had from Turners Shop on High Street, Wick, for £20. Any enquires or tickets by post, please telephone Mary on Wick 605920. We look forward to seeing you there.

13 June 2010
Wick High 1982 Reunion Latest
23rd July 2010 - Not Long to Go Now
UPDATE---Things are going full swing for the reunion with people coming over from as far afield as Shanghai!........
PHOTOS---If anyone has any photographs from the high school days or from the 80s (the dodgier the better!) .............
DECOR!---We're able to decorate the club from 11am the morning of the reunion, any volunteers will be hugely welcome..........

25 April 2010
Wick High 1982 REUNION - 23 July 2010
Ticket Price Set At £10 - Pay at The Door - Buffet and Disco.

28 February 2010
Wick High 1982 Reunion

Yes folks many of you will be reaching 40 this year so a reunion is being organised for July 2010 in the Francis Street Club, Wick.  Get in touch with the organisers as soon as you can to book tickets to help them set a price and book music and arrange catering.

6 October 09
Pulteneytown Academy 50th Anniversary Celebrations

On 30th October 2009 the present building of Pulteneytown Academy is 50 years old and staff and pupils are currently planning two days of celebrations to mark this occasion.

On Thursday 29th October, the school will be having an open day from 10.00 a.m until 8.00 p.m. and members of the community are welcome to visit the school at any time during these hours.

There will be displays of photographs old and new, old memorabilia and current pupils work about the changes to our school community and building over the last 50 years. There will also be some souvenirs on sale and a refreshment area where you can catch up with friends old and new.

We would encourage anyone who attended the school over the last 50 years to come along and bring friends and relations. If you know of anyone who no longer lives in the area, try to pass the word to them. We would love to see as many people as possible throughout the day.

If you do have anything which we could put on display, we would appreciate it if you could hand it in to school, before we break up for our October holidays. We promise to take very good care of your possessions.

On Friday 30th there will be a few special things for the current pupils and a staff reunion buffet in the evening. We are trying to trace and invite as many ‘old’ staff as we can, but we may miss some. If you used to work here and would like to come along, please contact the school.

If anyone would like any further information about any of the events or just to get in touch, you can telephone on 01955 602649 or email the school on pulteneytown.primary@highland.gov.uk

6 September 09
Reunion For Alexander Building Contractors and Others

A reunion of people who worked for Alexander Sutherland Building Contractors in Francis Street Wick, also those people who worked for Geddes in Watten, Skinners of Wick and Riddles of Thurso, It is also intending to invite all pupils who attended Wick High School at that time, between 1959 - 1969.
The venue will depend on numbers of interested parties, its planned to happen in Wick, within July 2010, interested parties should contact:
David Carter Tel - 01955604780
Donald Mackay Tel - 01224482295
Donald Shearer Tel - 0191 2365507.
The reunion will happen whether the numbers are low or high, please advise if you wish to attend.

25 November 08
Achreamie School Reunion

The Achreamie School Reunion will take place on Saturday 30 May 2009 at the Weigh Inn, Thurso. if you would like to attend the reunion get in touch with the organisers as on as you can to help with the arrangements.  Any old photos etc can be sent to the organisers and emailed to bill@caithness.org for a the gallery.

26 October 08
Latheron School Reunion

We ask all who would want to be with us on the night to write and confirm who they are and year that they started at the email address for the reunion loon@letheronwheel.freeserve.co.uk

Thurso High Class Of 73 Reunion
A another reunion after 10 years for the Class of 73 from Thurso High School is now being organised for 22 August 2008 at the Weigh Inn, Thurso.  Send in any class photos to bill@caithness.org for inclusion in the class reunion section.

7 April 08
Tickets For Janetstown School Reunion Now Available
Tickets for Janetstown school reunion on 3rd May 2008 now available from Tickity Boo, Rotterdam Street, Thurso
or send a S.A.E. to Wilma Farquhar, 23 Crescent Street, Halkirk, Caithness, KW12 6XN. Price £5 each.

17 February 08
Wick High School 1983 Reunion
Reunion Date  - 25 July 2008
For anyone who started at Wick High School in 1983 - 25 years ago. Contact details inside for anyone who would like to attend.

20 January 08
Janetstown School Reunion
Janetstown school closed in the summer of 1970.
On Saturday the 3rd of May 2008 we hope to have a reunion of former pupils. Anyone wishing to attend could they please contact Dorothy Macivor on 01847 896221 or Wilma Mackay on 01847 831702 or email wilmafarquhar@hotmail.co.uk

Send any Janetstown School Photos to bill@caithness.org for a photo gallery

8 October 07
Thurso High 1970 Reunion

Anyone out there who is reaching 50 in 2008 may be interested in this reunion in Thurso.

17 September 07
Achow School Reunion
Sat 20th October 2007 - 6pm
Portland Arms Hotel
Tickets £20 for the meal and entertainment
Please contact Mina on 01593 721426

3 August 07
Wick High Reunion Ages 58 - 63 Photos

7 June 07
Wick High Reunion 58 - 63  Friday 27th July
Jay and Elsie would like everyone to pay for their reunion tickets as soon as possible to get the final arrangements in place for the big night.  So get in touch with them as soon as possible.

12 January 07
Wick High Reunion - For Former Pupils Aged 58 - 63 In 2007
Mackays Hotel Friday 27 July 2007
If you are in the age group for this reunion get in touch with Jay Campbell or Elsie Cardosi

29 October 06
Halkirk School Reunion - Celebrating 50 Years 1956 - 2006

Halkirk school is now a primary school but was previously Halkirk Junior High.  Former pupils from the school started the day with march headed by the Caithness Junior Pipe Band to the school.  A concert was  held in the afternoon with performances from the present school pupils.  the children put on a great show that their parents had seen last night.  With songs and dances the whole show swung along and ended with a version of Div Ye Mind" Halkirk style and then a performance from the whole school of "Over The Ord".  Photos of the show will be here on Sunday.

2 August 06
Thurso High 1978 Reunion Night Photos Now In
Thurso High 1978 Reunion took place at the Park Hotel on Saturday 29 July 2006 and photos from the night are now in.


2 August 06
Thurso 1984 Reunion Cancelled Until Group Are 40 in 2012

25 July 06
Count Down To The Thurso High 1978 Reunion On Saturday 29 July
Only a few days now to the Thurso High 1978 Reunion. If you still haven't bought your tickets yet - time and tickets are running out fast. Tickets cost £15 each and are on sale at Shear Genius, Hairdressers in Princes Street, Thurso or are available from any of the organisers direct. List of people attending is shown on the reunion page

Wick High Reunion - Ages 54 - 56 in Mackays Hotel 21 July 2006

17 July 06
Reunion Approaching Fast For Wick High 54 - 56 - 21 July

Another reunion for this group and unbelievably the first time as reunion  is now on their second time around after five years on Caithness.org

17 July 06
Tickets Sent Out For Thurso High 1978 Reunion
The tickets for the reunion on 29 July have been sent out.  If you still want to attend contact the organisers right now.

10 July 06
Halkirk Junior Secondary 50 Year Reunion
28 October 2006
The information for this reunion is all n the This Is Halkirk web site

26 June 06
Reunion Date Approaches For Thurso High 1978

Thurso High School 1st Year 1978 Reunion
Park Hotel Thurso 29 July 2006 7.30pm
More details inside

19 June 06
Presto - Safeway - Morrison - Somerfield - Wick Reunion
This reunion is for anyone who worked at the store in Wick under any of its names in past years.  Get in touch with them at the store to get tickets or pass on details or photos for the big night on 5 August 2006.

28 May 06
“Wick High 50” - Come and Get Your Tickets
Already over 50 people have booked their tickets and there is still 8 weeks to go for this reunion in Wick Gala Week.  Janis Paterson has the tickets ready and they can be obtained directly fro here by post or in a local shop in Wick.  Tickets are limited so get booked early and help the organisers make arrangements.  The last reunion in 2001 was a sell out and this one looks as if it is on track to be just as busy.

14 April 06
Eight O'Clock Club Reunion, Wick
Photos from the Reunion held on 7 April.
Eight O' Clock Club Index



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23 July 2010
Wick High 1982
Francis Street Club
31 July 2010
Wick High 1965
Seaforth Club, Wick