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Trouble With Excuses
Here Is A Tale From The Memory Of One Lads PE Days

This is the story of a lad who attended Wick High School many years ago.  The lad enjoyed model yachting which took place every Saturday at Sarclett Loch. This entailed running up and down one side or other of the loch about half a dozen times wearing a pair of waders, boots which came up well above the knee.

One Sunday the lad woke up with a very swollen, and very painful knee resulting in a visit to Dr. Turner on the Monday.  "Housemaid's knee caused by the friction of your waders" pronounced the Doctor, prescribing a tub of foul smelling, tarry, black paste.   S- -t thought the lad.  I can't tell my pals I have housemaids knee.  Unfortunately the lad had P.T. next day with Mr. Abernethy, a.k.a. Bert.

That evening the lad consulted with his aunt who was a nurse.  "Tell Mr. Abernethy you are unable to take P.T. as you have a severe case of Synovitis."    Magic, thought the lad.

Next day as the rest of the class were stripping for P.T. the following conversation was heard.

"Please Sir"


"I can't take gym today sir"


"I've got Synovitis in my knee sir"

"Who said you have Synovitis"

"Dr. Turner sir"

"And how did you come to get Synovitis or HOUSEMAID'S KNEE as it is commonly known" asked Bert as the lad turned red while the rest of the class fell around laughing

"Ba- - - -d"  muttered a very embarrassed lad not quite silent enough.
"To my room" said Bert.

Shortly afterwards the lad rejoined his classmates.  His right hand was now every bit as red as his face and every bit as sore as his knee.   Fortunately he had a tub of foul smelling, tarry, black paste.

Moral :- teachers should never belt lads who possess  tubs of foul smelling, tarry, black paste unless they are prepared to have their trousers dry cleaned a few weeks later.