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Mini Reunion
"Last year a small group of us Pultneytown Academy "Old Boys & Girls in the very young 50+ range.  Actually we all started off at the South School in the late Fifties) decided to have a mini reunion of our own, and so after long months of waiting, much anticipation and just a little trepidation, we finally got together on the weekend of March 14-17th 2002.

Carolyne Poulton (nee Sinclair) and Isobel Henderson (nee Mackay) were members of the Wick Girls Pipe Band and can still tell the difference between a heedrum and hodrum!   Isobel and her daughter Donna travelled up from Shropshire to be with us, Donna must have wondered what we "oldies" were doing but I'm pleased to say she enjoyed herself immensely.  She and her mum could have passed as sisters!

I'd like to point out that our little group is not exclusive and anyone from our school class is welcome on any future adventures. The beauty of our get together was its' relaxed easy-going atmosphere, made more so by the size of our group (small is beautiful) and the spontaneous way in which the weekend unfolded.

No-one was in charge, although Carolyne did most of the talking (she always did as I remember). Mike Waters was too busy eating Tunnocks Caramel Wafers to which he seems addicted. Is there a cure? We gave him a boxful to take back to Cambridge, to be washed down with a bottle of fine "Old Pultney".

The gods were surely smiling on us as the weather was warm and spring-like, certainly putting a spring in our "ageing" steps.  Along with visits to Caithness Glass and John O' Groats we strolled down
memory lane both in mind and body.   Walks around Wick to some of our old haunts, a lovely ramble along the riverside on an almost summery Sunday afternoon and fond recollections of people and places, schools and teachers.   Who remembers our nemesis "Purdig Millar". One to be feared for sure!

Isobel and I stood in an empty High School assembly hall and it seemed as if time had stopped as memories of the past flooded our senses, even after 43 years!   Carolyne had her birthday on the Sunday. I wont divulge her age, suffice to say King George was still on the throne!!

We celebrated this momentous event with an excellent meal in the Portland Arms Hotel in Lybster whose hospitality did us proud.   As we couldn't get a cake big enough to hold all the candles , Oliver put sparklers in her meringues and Lachie sang "Happy Birthday". Carolyne was delighted!   Oliver and Lachie are hotel employees. We can highly recommend this fine establishment.

We had a smashing weekend, lots of laughs, lots of memories and I can't wait to do it all again.

Roger Burt (Late of Bankhead Cottage, Thurso Road).
2 April 2003