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  13 August 2001

 Wick High School Reunion - Friday, 3rd August 2001

Thank You

Well that's it all over and this is the first chance I have had since the night to sit down at the computer.  First of all, I need to say that there are no photos on the website yet.  You will have to be patient on this one.  Bill had a problem with one of his cameras and has also been really busy with Galas and all the other activities that have been going on in Caithness over the past few weeks.  I have no excuse, other than that I talked and enjoyed myself too much on the night and took no photos, although, my husband did take some video footage which might be suitable.  I know that one or two people did take photos, which hopefully came out.  Please let Bill or myself know if you have some photos that we can use.  They will be put on the website eventually.

 I still can't say how much money we have left over, but will let you know in due course.

 Now to the thank you list.  First of all I would like to thank Isabelle Thurley and Carolyne Poulton, who organised the last reunion and coerced me into taking over most of the organisation of this one.  It honestly wasn't hard work, as it was such a pleasure hearing from everyone after such a long time.  Well it was a pleasure, apart from those last couple of days when I started panicking.

 Thank you to Celia More who sold the tickets and persuaded lots of you to come.  Couldn't have done it without your help, Celia, and the extensive address book of you and your friends.

 Thank you to all of you who donated prizes for the raffle.  I had expected that you might bring along those hankies that you got last Christmas from Auntie Ethel, but the prizes you brought were fantastic.

Thank you to Bill Fernie of, without whose help, this reunion would have been so difficult to organise.  I know that lots of you have enjoyed looking at all the old school photos on the website and it has allowed those people who couldn't attend the reunion to take part.  Thank you Bill.

And finally, thank you to all of you that came.  If you enjoyed yourself half as much as I did, then I'm happy.  My only regret is that the night was too short to speak to everyone. 

See you in 5 years, I hope?!

Janis Paterson (nee McGee)