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Update From Isabelle Thurley 13 June 2001

We now have a waiting list for tickets for the reunion on Friday 3 August, including several people who are coming a considerable distance to attend.  Those of you who have been keeping up to date with the reunion news on will know that all the tickets have now been sold.  We have already asked that anyone who has booked tickets but now cannot attend should let us know as soon as possible, but in order not to disappoint anyone we suggest the following:-
Come to Caithness anyway!  It's Gala Week and there will be lots on, and lots of your contemporaries in town.
Come to the MacKays on Friday night!  You can mingle with reunion guests in the foyer and bar areas, and when (as happened last time) those with tickets venture out to the bar and foyer, the doorman will be able to let those without tickets into the main venue.  However, in fairness to all those who have paid for tickets, a 10 donation to charity will be suggested.  There will be three servings of the buffet throughout the evening so everyone should be catered for.  Anyone entering the main venue under this scheme should fill out their name & address and sum donated on the label provided by the doorman.  All profits from the reunion will go to a local charity. 
Come to the MacKays on Saturday and Sunday morning!  Murray Lamont has indicated that, from 10 o'clock onwards on the Saturday and Sunday mornings following the reunion, anyone wishing a further get-together is welcome to use the foyer and bar on those days.  The MacKays is a popular venue for coffee mornings anyway so the staff will be, as always,  most welcoming.
Stay in the MacKays!  Murray has also offered a special rate for anyone attending the reunion and wishing to stay overnight at the hotel of 58 per couple per night.  This is a very generous gesture on his part. 
Visit!  Send in those recent photos, and don't forget the 'Where They Went' page.  We want to know where you are now, where you've been, and if possible include a link to those places. See the site for ideas.