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 13 March 2001

 Wick High School Reunion - Friday, 3rd August 2001

Another busy week for bookings and only 32 tickets left.  If you know of anyone who is thinking of coming, but hasn't yet booked, please let them know or they will be disappointed.  You can now check the list for those school friends who have said they are coming.

They will be arriving from "a' the airts" too:  Gordon Donaldson from Australia, Jennifer Dunnett, Margaret Henderson, Fiona Fraser and Lorna Sinclair from the USA. 

Gordon would particularly like to meet up with his old school friends, the Booth twins, so please get in touch if you'd like tickets.

 Elspeth Carter has produced her old school photo for the website, so we now know what quite a few of you looked like then.  Thought it might be an idea to get some current "school photos" taken.  Next time you are near a photo booth, I'd like you to go in and get some photos taken.  Pick the best one and send to me at the above address, with names please.  This will have two purposes.  1) It will make it easier for us to recognise one another on the night, thereby saving time and  2) You will think you are a teenager again when you sit in the booth and pull faces.

 More from me later.

 Janis Paterson (nee McGee)