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41 Coniston Avenue
CA20 1LW

 14 May 2001

 Wick High School Reunion - Friday, 3rd August 2001 

With just over 11 weeks to go until the big night, this week’s subject is dead horses, but I’ll get back to that later.

 Tickets can now be purchased via Celia at The Flower Shop, Breadalbane Terrace, Wick or by post from myself at the above address.  Cheques should be made out to “Wick High 50”.  These are ONLY available for people who have already booked tickets.

There have been quite a few people asking to be added to the reserve list, so perhaps we should start organising the next reunion now?!  We will let people know as soon as possible, if we find that we do have spare tickets.  For this reason, if anyone finds that they are unable to attend, and they have booked tickets, please let Celia or myself know.  We will then be able to reallocate the tickets.

I notice that one reunion is having “‘70s dress optional”.  Don’t think it would be a good idea having ’60s dress for ourselves.  I remember finding a skirt that I had worn in the ‘60s.  Well I say skirt, but it was more of a cummerbund in length.  My father was duly berated for letting me out of the house wearing it.

Right, back to the flogging of dead horses, which I have been doing recently.  Loads of you said it was a good idea to have current photographs.  Well apart from Roger Burt and Peter Gunn, we’re still waiting for those photos.  Please, please let us have your photos.  Just think of the time and embarrassment it will save on the night, leaving you loads of time to socialise with everyone.

More from me later.