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 21 February 2001

 Wick High School Reunion - Friday, 3rd August 2001

 This week the list has grown substantially, thanks to Celia and my niece Louise Sinclair who tracked down all the remaining Keiss ones.

 The Howlin' Gales have been booked for the night.  That's the band, not the weather, which is bound to be good, as it is Gala Week.  The Howlin' Gales play a wide range of music including '60s stuff, so the entertainment should be good too.

 Please let me know as soon as possible if you want tickets.  They are going like hot cakes at the moment.

 To any Wick High teachers that taught us back in the '60s, we'd like to extend an invitation to be our guests at the reunion.  Please contact me at either of the above addresses.

 I won't ramble on any further, but am including a memory jogger from Ishbel Thurley (nee Bruce).  

 More from me later.

 Janis Paterson (nee McGee)