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 25 January 2001


Friday, 3rd August 2001

 Well Iím happy to say that the emails and letters are now arriving thick and fast.  Must remember and ask Murray Lamont how many the Mackayís Hotel can take. 

 William Beattie, yes the reunion is for our year, and the year above, and below.  Last time around, Ishbel had a lot of people from other years asking if they could come.  It helps increase the numbers and saves the 49 year olds from going through this process next year.

Celia More (nee Tait) is having a get-together this Sunday to come up with some more names.  Carolyne Poulton (nee Sinclair) and George Falconer are beavering away at lists to try and track down those people who thought we didnít know where they had gone.  As for me, Iím enjoying finding out what people have been getting up to in the past , dare I say it, 35 years.

 It is quite amazing the number of people in our age group who are in the ďcaring professionĒ, mainly nurses, but a few Doctors too.  There are also a very large number of teachers.  Must be something to do with the example set at Wick High School.

 The contacts list has been updated and there is still room for some school photographs, so letís be having them please.

More from me later.

Janis Paterson (nee McGee)