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Tales Out of School

Miller Trouble

Once upon a time there was a cheeky young lad who went to Wick High.  Trouble was he was not too gifted academically but very quick at one liners.

 At the start of year two this young lad was delighted to discover his Uncle John was the new school janitor.  [John Miller]   One day whilst at a music lesson, Mr. Watt the music teacher asked the young lad to go and fetch Mr. Miller. 

Being keen to oblige, the young lad went straight to the science block and told Mr. Ian Miller that Mr. Watt needed to see him urgently. Mr. Miller was rather puzzled and reluctant to leave his class unattended but the young lad was adamant, so Mr. Miller went along with him to see Mr. Watt.

On returning to the music room a very un-amused Mr. Watt took a long look at a very puzzled Mr. Miller before taking a very menacing look at the young lad.

"What the devil do you think you are playing at" exploded Mr. Watt.

"You asked to see Mr. Miller" replied the young lad.

"I meant Miller the janitor, not this Mr. Miller" thundered a now very red faced Mr. Watt.

"Oh, you mean my uncle John" said the lad to Mr. Watt who could hardly hear from the laughter now reverberating around the classroom.

"I'll give you uncle John" shouted Mr Watt as he took two strides to his desk and extracted his favourite piece of leatherwear.

Fortunately for the lad Ian Miller at least had a sense of humour and persuaded Mr.Watt from taking any further action.

To this day the young lad insists it was a genuine mistake. Mind you, he was not very good at navigation either.

Story supplied by Frank Sutherland who refuses to divulge the name of the "young lad".


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