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Wick High School Reunion
For Folk Who Started In 1966
Reunion Date 30 July 2004 - Venue, Waterfront Wick
As At May 2004

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Wick High School 1966 Entrance


Christian Name   Address in 1966 Class   E.mail Address Attending
Bain Andrew   7 Sinclair Drive, Wick 1A   andrew.bain@surfanytime.co.uk Yes
Brown Rognvald   North House, Newton, John O'Groats 1A     Waiting Reply
Brims George   Strath Farm, Watten 1A brims@astro.UCLA.EDU No
Chalmers James Stewart   Whitehouse Park, Wick. 1A     Waiting Reply
Davidson William, M.   32 Argyle Square, Wick 1A   Yes
Gowe John   3 Mowat Place, Lybster. 1A   Yes
Hughson Robert   55 Willowbank, Wick. 1A   Yes
Kennedy James Malcolm   Hescolm, Scalesburn, Wick. 1A   jonathan@sniffy.freeserve.co.uk Yes
McIvor John Scott   45 Green Road, Wick 1A hootsmon@tri.net.sa Yes
Miller Alan W   34 Leith Walk, Wick 1A almiller@tiscali.co.uk Yes
Miller William   11 Henderson Square, Watten 1A     Yes
Munro Alex.   10a Airport, Wick. 1A   Yes
Oliphant Leslie   16 Green Road, Wick. 1A les.oliphant@bt.com Yes
Scott Alex.   49 Murchison Street, Wick. 1A   Yes
Sutherland Alex. O.   The Willows, Dunbeath. 1A   Yes
Sutherland David   16 Hospital Road, Wick. 1A david.d.sutherland@ukgateway.net Yes
Sutherland Kenneth   5 Kirkhill, Wick 1A k.m.sutherland@talk21.com Yes
Bain Christine   14 Robertson Square, Wick. 1A   chrisbee_99@yahoo.com  Yes
Bannerman Doreen   35 Roxburgh Road, Wick. 1A   Waiting Reply
Ball Jennifer   3a Seaforth Ave. Wick. 1A Jenfervir@aol.com Yes
Brims Catherine C   Flex Farm, Watten. 1A   Yes
Calder Audrey Anne   Schoolhouse, Watten. 1A rosco9@btinternet.com Yes
Calder Carol   97 Henrietta Street, Wick. 1A carolstorrar@yahoo.co.uk Yes
Dundas Marjory   W       Farm, Canisbay 1A   Waiting Reply
Harrold Marion     1A   Yes
Leith Wendy   12 Oldwick Road, Wick. 1A wh.mcintosh@btopenworld.com Yes
Macdonald Fiona   Ardwin, Watten. 1A   Yes
McLeod Catriona   62 Willowbank, Wick. 1A   Yes
McGee Shona   50 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick. 1A   s.campbell@nosh.co.uk Yes
McGregor Helen   10 Hospital Road, Wick. 1A   Yes
McAdie Fiona   6 Harrold Cottages, Reiss. 1A jandfmar@dialstart.net Yes
McAdie Lillian   Lyth   dick_orton@lineone.net Yes
Moar Catherine S   Sunray Cottage, Huna. 1A   Waiting Reply
More Catherine   1 Smith Terrace, Wick. 1A cbereznick@aol.com Yes
More Fiona   4 Hill Avenue, Wick. 1A fiona.colin@bushinternet.com Yes
Nicolson Linda   North Killimster, By Wick. 1A   Waiting Reply
Rowe Glenys   22 Auckengill Place, Watten. 1A     Not Found
Sinclair Janet   14 Leith Walk, Wick. 1A  afdoc@globalnet.co.uk Yes
Steven Barbara   29 Seaforth Avenue, Wick. 1A Babsybee1@aol.com Yes
Tait Elaine   18 Francis Street, Wick. 1A alan.shearer@btinternet.com Yes
Taylor Helen   Quoy Shakes, Bilbster. 1A   Yes
Anderson Christopher   11 Mowat Lane, Wick 1B   Yes
Begg Robert   Sordale, By Halkirk. 1B bob@rbegg.Freeserve.co.uk Yes
Boden Stephen   1A Airport, Wick. 1B   Not Found
Bremner David Bruce   17 Murchison Street, Wick 1B   Not Found
Budge Keith   59 Kinnaird Street, Wick. 1B   Yes
Davidson Donald Alex.   3 Owen Place, Wick. 1B   Not Found
Fraser Hamish Urquhart   7D Airport, Wick. 1B   hamish.fraser@ic24.net Yes
Gunn Donald S.B.   2 Corner Crescent, Wick 1B   Not Found
Gunn George H.A.   2 Corner Crescent, Wick 1B   Not Found
Mellor Richard   The Hotel, Mey 1B   Not Found
Miller Alexander   54 North Murchison St. , Wick 1B   alamiller@aol.com Yes
Miller Donald   Quatre Bras,  Lybster. 1B   Waiting Reply
Rennie David   78 Nicolson Street, Wick. 1B david.rennie@uk.zurich.com Waiting Reply
Richard Colin   45 Leith Walk, Wick. 1B colinrichard01@hotmail.com Yes
Robertson David   Richmond House, Thurso Road.       Deceased
Rosie Hugh Green   Whitebridge, Newton. 1B HghRos@aol.com Yes
Simpson William   17 High Street, Keiss. 1B   Yes
Sutherland Robert Macrae   6 Murchison street, Wick. 1B   robertsutherl21@hotmail.com Yes
Walker William Robert   Old Bank House, Victoria Pl. Wick. 1B     Not Found
Wares John Miller   46 Glamis Road, Wick. 1B   Yes
Webster John   6 Macrae Street, Wick. 1B john@pulteneywick.fsnet.co.uk Yes
Fraser David   Rumster, Lybster. 1B   Yes
Clyne Pamela Anne   Noss Farm, Wick. 1B     Yes
Dunnet Evelyn Anne   Aucharn, Lyth. 1B   Yes
Farquhar Anne   71 Glamis Road, Wick. 1B   Waiting Reply
Forbes Audrey H.   3 Thura Place, Bower. 1B aduncan1@staffmail.ed.ac.uk Yes
Hadnett Anne   42 Willowbank, Wick. 1B   Not Found
Harrold Elizabeth   4 Dunnet Square, Reiss. 1B   Not Found
Lane Vivienne June   Seacliffe, Scalesburn, Wick. 1B     Not Found
Macdonald Marina   9 Upper Dunbar St. Wick. 1B   Yes
Macdonald Marion   24 Cairndhuna Terrace. Wick.       Deceased
Mackay Vera   22 Northcote Street, Wick. 1B vmaberdeen@aol.com Yes
Manson Kathleen   10 Dempster Street, Wick. 1B coullkay@hotmail.com Yes
McAdie Elizabeth Anne   27 Owen Place, Wick. 1B     Not Found
More Mary Sinclair   27 Owen Place, Wick. 1B   Waiting Reply
Sinclair Adelaine   54 Kennedy Terr. Wick. 1B   Yes
Sinclair Isobel   60 Glamis Road, Wick. 1B   Yes
Steven Shona   44 Coach Road, Wick. 1B   Yes
Stewart Janette M   Wyvis, 2 Newton Road, Wick. 1B     Not Found
Swanson Alison   24 Ackergill Crescent, wick 1B amuir@middlefield.aberdeen.sch.uk  Yes
Swanson Muriel   24 Ackergill Crescent, wick 1B   Waiting Reply
Begg Richard J   21Ackergill Crescent, Wick. 1C     Yes
Bremner David H   22 Laurel Crescent, Wick. 1C David.Bremner3@btinternet.com Yes
Brown John M   Guest House, Watten 1C   Yes
Brown Peter M   Guest House, Watten 1C pete.brown@ukstamp.co.uk Yes
Campbell Colin J   Rampyards, Watten. 1C   Yes
Coghill William   Stemster Mains, Halkirk 1C   Yes
Davidson William   3 Weir Crescent, Milton 1C   Yes
Gray James   25 Macrae Street, Wick.     Deceased
Gunn William J.   Newton house, Lybster. 1C   Waiting Reply
Hadnett Martin   42 Willowbank, Wick. 1C   Not Found
Hendry George   14 Robertson Square, Wick. 1C     Waiting Reply
Innes John   43 Seaforth Avenue, Wick. 1C Townheadgardens@aol.com Yes
Macdonald Henry   Bridge, Bilbster. 1C   No
Macdonald Hugh   1 Henderson square, Watten 1C     Not Found
Risbridger Albert   38 West Banks Terr., Wick. 1C   alan.risbridger@ukaea.org.uk Yes
Robertson Ronald   23 Stewart Crescent, Thrumster 1C   weir.pharmacy@virgin.net Yes
Ross Lawrence   52 Argyle Sq. Wick. 1C   Not Found
Sinclair Alfred   5 Kennedy terrace, Wick. 1C alfiesinclair14@hotmail.com Yes
Sutherland Brian   20 Pilot Row, Papigoe. 1C   Yes
Taylor John   17 Willowbank, Wick 1C john_taylor_de@yahoo.co.uk Yes
Waters Alistair   6 Girnigoe street, wick. 1C   Not Found
Williamson William   1 Station Road, Watten. 1C   Not Found
Barnetson Christine   Lynegar Farm, Watten. 1C   Deceased
Begg Evelyn   78 Seaforth Avenue, Wick. 1C David.Bremner3@btinternet.com Yes
Bremner Joan C.   4 Roadside, Gillock. 1C   Not Found
Douglas Linda   65 Henrietta St. Wick. 1C   Yes
Guthrie Margaret H.   Thuster Farm, By wick. 1C   Not Found
Hall Kathleen   Lochside, Sarclet. 1C kathleengunn@aol.com Yes
Henderson Annie E.C.   Achorn Road, Dunbeath. 1C   Waiting Reply
Leith Anne   3 Dunbar Cottages, Ackergill 1C     Yes
Macgregor Janet A.   Guidibest, Latheron. 1C   Yes
Mackay Denise   14 Breadalbane Terr. Wick. 1C   Yes
Mackenzie Hazel   31 Owen Place, Wick. 1C   Not Found
Miller Valerie   52 Leith Walk, Wick. 1C   Yes
Polson Esther ( Dorothy )   Lower Gersa, Watten. 1C   DRoss@ctechrmm.com Yes
Rendall Sheila   5 weir Crescent , Milton. 1C sheila@swanson13.freeserve.co.uk Yes
Smith Alison   34 Ackergill Cresc. Wick. 1C   No
Sutherland Patricia   Thura Mains, Bower. 1C   Waiting Reply
Wares Catherine   2 Fountain Cottages, Stirkoke. 1C     Yes
Whyte Yvonne   13 West Banks Terr. Wick. 1C   Not Found
Adamson Donald A.   Blackness, Mid-Clyth T1A   Waiting Reply
Anderson Graham   35 Hill Avenue, Wick. T1A graham.anderson17@btopenworld.com Yes
Bain David James   13 Queens Square, Wick. T1A   Waiting Reply
Bremner Malcolm   22 Leith Walk, Wick. T1A malcolm.bremner@wickharbour.co.uk Yes
Coghill Andrew M.T.   Brabsterdorran, Bower. T1A   Not Found
Doull Michael Ross   40 Kennedy Terrace, Wick. T1A     Not Found
Farmer Thomas   4 Corner Cresc. Wick. T1A   Yes
Gordon James   Bruan, Ulbster. T1A   Waiting Reply
Gulloch Wm. Laird   Freswick Mains, Freswick. T1A   Yes
Henderson Philip   1st Police House, Roseberry Terr. T1A     Waiting Reply
Jappy William   21 Cairndhuna Terrace, Wick. T1A     Yes
Miller Alan   41 Girnigoe st. Wick. T1A   Waiting Reply
Miller Henry   8 Henrietta Street , Wick T1A henry@millerh.freeserve.co.uk Yes
Miller James Jappy   8 Henrietta Street , Wick T1A miller.davidson@virgin.net Yes
Robertson Alan   11 Queens Square, Wick. T1A robertsons60@hotmail.com Yes
Sinclair Iain James   3 Station Road, Watten. T1A   Not Found
Steven Malcolm     T1A   Not Found
Sutherland Robert George   5 Robert Street. Wick. T1A   margaret@margaret40.freeserve.co.uk Yes
Thomson Robert Bruce   5 Henderson Square, Watten. T1A   robthomson50@hotmail.com Yes
Bremner Margaret Rose   Sarclet Village, Thrumster. T1A     Yes
Calder Mary T.   7 Murchison Street, Wick. T1A   Not Found
Coghill Jane H.   Ackergill Mains, Ackergill. T1A   Waiting Reply
Durrand Anne C.   13 Harrowhill, Wick. T1A   Yes
Farmer J. Eliz. J. Oag.   5 Henrietta Terrace, Wick. T1A     Deceased
Gunn Helen   Bellevue Cottage, Robert St. Wick. T1A   helen.banks100@btopenworld.com Yes
Gunn Jean Elizabeth.   36 Leith Walk, Wick. T1A     Yes
Gunn Jeanette   Bellevue Cottage, Robert St. Wick. T1A     Yes
Harper Sharon Eliz.   13 Kennedy Terrace, Wick. T1A   Yes
McAdie Alison   6 Leith Walk, Wick. T1A   Waiting Reply
Mackay Kathleen Ann   20a Louisburgh St. Wick. T1A     Waiting Reply
More Wilma   47 Willowbank, Wick. T1A   Yes
Shearer Joyce   2 Leith Walk Wick. T1A   Waiting Reply
Sinclair Norma Joan   3 Heatherbell Cottages, John O'Groats T1A     Not Found
Stewart Ishbel Mackay   Hillhead, Sarclet, Thrumster. T1A     Waiting Reply
Taylor Vida Jessie   Thrumster Mains, Thrumster. T1A     Yes
Tulloch Christina   31 Glamis Road Wick. T1A   Yes
Watt Henrietta   10 Anderson drive, Wick. T1A   Not Found
Wisely Marilyn Anne   6 Council Houses, Auckengill. T1A     Not Found
Carter Raymond   7 Weir Crescent, Milton. T1B   Not Found
Coghill Laurence   Barrock Mains. Lyth     Deceased
Dunnet John   Roadside, Reiss. T1B   Not Found
Falconer Jack   9 Weir Crescent, Milton.     Deceased
Forbes John G. G.   14 Weir Cresc, Milton. T1B   Yes
Gauld John A.   Duncansbay Head Lighthouse. T1B     Yes
Macdonald John   6 Mansfield cottages. T1B   Not Found
Malcolm John Mc.   48 North Murchison St. Wick. T1B     Yes
McGillivray Christopher   30 Ackergill St. Wick. T1B   Not Found
McPhee Charles   32 Ackergill St. Wick T1B   Yes
Nicolson Malcolm   Borrowston Farm, Thrumster. T1B     Waiting Reply
Robertson Michael   14 Hospital Road, Wick. T1B   Not Found
Robertson Philip   14 Hospital Road, Wick. T1B   Not Found
Robertson Roy   44 North Murchison St. Wick. T1B     Not Found
Ross Kenneth   3 New Houses, Lybster.     Deceased
Shepherd Graham   80 Willowbank Wick. T1B   Not Found
Sinclair Alexander   6 New Houses, Ackergill.     Deceased
Smith Donald   3 Cliffhead Cottages, Ackergill. T1B     Waiting Reply
Spence William S.   17 Macrae Street, Wick. T1B   Not Found
Taylor David   108 High Street, Wick. T1B   Not Found
Taylor James   37 Brown Place, Wick. T1B MILTONSTORES@oal.com Yes
Campbell Dierdre   Stanstill Farm, Bower. T1B   Not Found
Coghill Williamina   21 Owen Place, Wick. T1B   Not Found
Ewing Jane   59 Girnigoe St. Wick. T1B   Waiting Reply
Henderson Isobel   9 Henderson Square, Watten. T1B     Not Found
Irvine Sylvia   38 Ackergill Cresc. Wick. T1B   Yes
Martin Dorothy   2 Hempriggs Row, Hempriggs. T1B     Yes
Manson Marion   31 Auckingale Place, Watten. T1B     Not Found
Mcphee Kathleen   43 Glamis Road, Wick. T1B   Deceased
Miller Fiona   East Watten, Watten. T1B   Waiting Reply
Mowat Kathleen   Roadside, North Watten. T1B   Yes
Munro Christina B.   46 North Murchison St. wick. T1B     Not Found
Nicolson Marion A.   4 Sibster. T1B   Yes
Ryrie Jane M.   East Kirk, Bower. T1B   Not Found
Sinclair Marilyn   10 Dunnet Ave. Wick. T1B   Yes
Stubbings Patricia   20 Huddart Street, Wick.     Deceased
Taylor Mary   12 Hospital Road, Wick. T1B   Not Found
Bremner Alexander   3 Harrowhill, Wick. T1C   Not Found
Cormack Donald H   Huna House, Huna T1C   Not Found
Dunnet George C.   Ackergill, By Wick. T1C   Waiting Reply
Edwards Robert   20 Grant Street, Wick T1C   Yes
Farquhar Andrew   55 Henrietta Street, Wick.     Deceased
Gray Ian   15 Girnigoe Street, Wick.     Deceased
Green Hugh   2 Queens Square, Wick T1C   Not Found
Macdonald John   5 Elzy Road, Staxigoe. T1C   Not Found
Mackenzie Alistair A.   Gamigoe, Mid-Clyth. T1C   Not Found
McNeil Francis   74 Nicolson Street, Wick. T1C   Not Found
Munro Terrance   12 Ackergill St, Wick. T1C   Yes
Nicolson Gordon F.   62 Seaforth Ave. Wick. T1C   Not Found
Sinclair Alistair F.   Stirkoke Mains, Stirkoke. T1C   Yes
Stewart Donald   62 Glamis Road, Wick. T1C   Waiting Reply
Thomson Graham   2 Hill Avenue, Wick. T1C   Not Found
Webster Donald W.   37 Roxburgh Road, Wick. T1C   Not Found
Bain Linda   Housequay, Stirkoke T1C   Yes
Mackay Catherine   53 Kennedy Terrace, Wick. T1C   Waiting Reply
Mackay Elizabeth   53 Kennedy Terrace, Wick. T1C   Waiting Reply
McPhee Elizabeth   34 Ackergill Cresc. Wick. T1C   Not Found
McPhee Johan   18 Green Road, Wick T1C   Not Found
McPhee Linda   35 Murchison St. Wick. T1C   Waiting Reply
McPhee Susanne   43 Glamis Road, Wick. T1C   Yes
McPhee Williamina   32 Ackergill St. Wick T1C   Yes
Miller Rosyln   112 Henrietta St, Wick T1C   Waiting Reply
Newlands Margaret   2 Owen Place, Wick. T1C   Not Found
Stubbings Cathryn B.   20 Huddart St. Wick. T1C   Yes
Sutherland Heather J.   32 North Murchison St, Wick. T1C     Yes
Sutherland Yvonne   52 North Murchison St. Wick. T1C     Not Found
MacInnes Douglas Arthur   33 Henrietta St. Wick. 1C   stathinnes@aol.com Yes
Shaw Michael   9E Airport, Wick. T1A mick@mik01.freesrve.co.uk Yes
Macdonald Antony James   Ackergill Tower, Ackergill. 1B     Not Found
Shearer Margaretta   Free Church Manse, Latheron. 1C     Waiting Reply
Crum Gregor   Thurso Road, Wick   gregor.crum@bigpond.com Yes
Stephen Andrew       andystephen@hotmail.com Yes
Hurry Mike       Mike.Hurry@mfr.co.uk Yes
Eyres Diane         Not Found
Will Cora         Not Found
Gunn Barbara       Deighans@aol.com Yes
Woodall Dorothy         Not Found
Robertson Jim         Not Found
Sutherland Alan       alan@sutherland35.freeserve.co.uk Yes
Easy Rona       RonaE32@aol.com Yes
Paton Neil         neil@paton44.freeserve.co.uk Yes
            Total Attending so far 149