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Wick High School Reunion
For Folk Who Started In 1966
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North School Primary School 1962

Teacher: Margaret Miller
Back Row
Phillip Henderson, Roy Robertson, William Walker, Robert Sutherland, James Gray, Kenneth Sutherland, Scott MacIvor, Sandy Munro, ?......., Colin Richard, Stephen Boden, Graham Anderson
Third Row
?......., Denise Mackay, Janice Farmer, Alison MacAdie, Carol Calder, Linda Dorren, Deirdre King, Shona Steven, ?..........., Kathleen Durrand, Janette Gunn, Christopher Anderson.
Second Row
Barbara Gunn, Muriel Swanson, Valerie Miller, Rona Easy, Jan Sinclair, Alison Swanson, ?......, ?......, ,Hazel Mackenzie, Joyce Shearer, Fiona More, ?........,?...........,?........
Front Row
James Taylor, Donald Davidson, Richard Begg, John Wares, alan miller, Alan S Miller, ?....., ?......, Andrew Bain
From Linda Gray 2 May 2007
I wondered if you could amend the names listed under the photos of Primary 3 (I think) with Mrs Miller in it to show my name. I am one of the question marks! It is the photo at the bottom of the left hand column. I am the question mark between Carol Calder and Deirdre King in the third row - the smiling child with large white bow in her hair! The name which should be there is LINDA DORREN. I'm not surprised no one could recall my name as I only lived in Wick for 3 years (approx), living in Wilowbank, in a house called Lorelia and then in a house my parents had built at the top of Scalesburn which they called Newhaven. I've been back a couple of times in the intervening years, mainly to follow up family history queries as my mother's family came from Wick\Bower.