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Wick High School Reunion
Reunion Date  - Venue, Dounreay Club, Wick

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Wick High Shool class of 1975 re-union  
Started Wick High School in Aug 1975  
Approx year of birth 1962\63  
Total number of Intake - Aug 1975 255
Contacted so far with letters 200
Number we don't have contact details for 55
Number of Replies to letters 19
People Interested in attending 17
Number planning to attend - yet to be confirmed 23
Name Married Name Contact Address Known Replied To Contact Interested In Attending Number Attending
Aitken, Michael J   Yes No    
Aitken, Rhona   Yes No    
Alexander, Eric G R   Yes No    
Allan, Elane   No No    
Allan, William   Yes No    
Anderson, Audrey J   Yes No    
Anderson, Brian   Yes No    
Anderson, Susan E Todd Yes No    
Angus, James (Charlie)   Yes No    
Bain, Angela Miller Yes No    
Bain, Ian S   Yes No    
Bain, Marlyn S Mcbeath Yes No    
Bain, Maurice   Yes No    
Bain, Robert D   Yes No    
Banks, Lynne M Begg Yes No    
Banks, Ricky S   Yes No    
Barlett, Elaine S   No No    
Barnetson, Christopher J   No No    
Bean, Catherine J Wood Yes No    
Beattie, Fiona   Yes No    
Begg, Colin W   Yes No    
Begg, Fiona T Wade Yes No    
Boswell, David Lee   No No    
Bremner, Eileen Donaldson Yes No    
Bremner, James A   Yes Yes Yes 2
Bremner, Sheila E   Yes No    
Briskham, John   Yes Yes Yes 2
Bruce, Arthur   Yes No    
Buchan, Alison J Rosie Yes No    
Buchan, Charles   No No    
Buchen, Isobel   No No    
Budge, Avril   Yes No    
Campbell, Carol A   No No    
Campbell, Perry   Yes No    
Carrol, Douglas   Yes No    
Carter, Gordon   Yes No    
Chalmers, Michael J   Yes No    
Clarke, Anne S G   No No    
Coghill, David M   Yes No    
Coghill, Donald   Yes No    
Coghill, George R (Ricky)   Yes Yes Yes 1
Coghill, Jane   Yes No    
Coghill, Vera J Amhed Yes No    
Cormack, Amalie H Canderland Yes Yes Yes 1
Cormack, Dawn S   Yes No    
Cormack, Evelyn L Mackay Yes No    
Cowie, William Alexander   Yes No    
Crawford, Kenneth S   Yes No    
Crothers, David   No No    
Dalrymple, Ian   No No    
Davidson, James S   Yes No    
De Paola, John K   Yes No    
Dearness, Ian Mark   No No    
Donaldson, Gordon   No No    
Doull, Robert C   Yes No    
Dowthwaite, Evelyn   Yes No    
Duffy, Martin J   Yes No    
Dunnet, Shona M C   Yes No    
Durrand, Brian A   Yes No    
Durrand, David L   No No    
Durrand, Gloria   No No    
Farquhar, David L   Yes No    
Farquhar, Helen B   Yes No    
Farquhar, Marion   No No    
Forbes, Denise   No No    
Fraser, Aileen Begg Yes No    
Ganson, Raymond   Yes No    
Gardner, John E J   Yes No    
Geddes, John   Yes No    
Gerrie, Sandra Durrand Yes Yes Yes 1
Gibson, Ian   Yes Yes Possibly  
Gillander, Gillian   No No    
Grant, Caroline   No No    
Grant, Maureen H   No No    
Gray, Alison P Hamilton Yes No    
Green, Andrew J   No No    
Green, Kevin   Yes No    
Green, Kevin   Yes No    
Gunn, Arthur R   Yes No    
Gunn, Carol M   Yes No    
Gunn, Ian D.H   Yes No    
Gunn, Irene H   Yes No    
Gunn, Jean C   Yes No    
Harper, Donald M   Yes No    
Harper, Elaine Malcolm Yes No    
Harper, Elizabeth M A   No No    
Harper, Isobel M C   No No    
Harper, William D   Yes Yes Yes 1
Harrold, Charles B   Yes No    
Harvey, John A   Yes No    
Heddle, Sandra, C MaCCaughey Yes No    
Henderson, James A G   Yes No    
Henderson, Joan M   No No    
Henderson, Rosemary Robertson Yes No    
Henderson, Yvonne C T Calder Yes No    
Horne, Gavin W M   Yes No    
Hughes, Kenneth McK   Yes No    
Hurray, Alan R   No No    
Hutchison, Brenda   No No    
Innes, Graham   Yes No    
John, David   Yes No    
Leask, Wendy   Yes No    
Leith, Derek   Yes No    
Lister, Anne   No No    
Lockhead, Jim   No No    
Lyall, Alexandra H   Yes Yes Yes 1
Lyall, Graham   No No    
Macadie, Brenda D   Yes No    
Macadie, Wendy   Yes No    
MacAlpine, Alexander (Sandy)   Yes No    
Macdonald, Alan   Yes No    
MacDonald, Colin J   Yes No    
MacDonald, Margaret C Sutherland Yes No    
MacDonald, Philip   No No    
MacGee, Alison Murray Yes No    
MacGregor Fiona Sinclair Yes No    
Mackay, Ann Carter Yes No    
Mackay, John   Yes Yes Yes 1
Mackay, Kenneth A   No No    
Mackay, Kevin C   Yes No    
Mackay, Mandy Sutherland Yes No    
Mackenzie, Graham   No No    
Mackenzie, Hugh J   No No    
Macleod, Anne   Yes No    
Macleod, Bryan T   Yes No    
Macleod, Lorne B   No No    
MacPhee Kathleen   No No    
MacPhee, Margaret Miller Yes Yes Yes 2
Magee, Marion Mackay Yes No    
Magregor, Kevin   Yes No    
Malcolm, Elaine Oag Yes No    
Mappin, Michael A   Yes No    
Matheson, Kathleen C Taylor Yes No    
Mathieson, Keith W   Yes No    
McAdam, Douglas   No No    
McAdie, Barbara A   Yes No    
McAdie, William H   Yes No    
McAllan, John Ian   Yes No    
McBeath, Paul   No No    
McCready, William (Billy)   Yes No    
McGregor, Frankie   Yes No    
McKiddie, David G   Yes No    
Mcleod, Edward   Yes No    
McLeod, Lorraine S   Yes No    
McNab, David   Yes No    
McPhee, Alan S   No No    
McPhee, Janet Harcus Yes No    
McPhee, Stewart   No No    
McPhee, Wilma   Yes No    
Miller, Anne   Yes No    
Miller, Brian D   Yes No    
Miller, Carol A Mitchell Yes No    
Miller, Elizabeth B   Yes No    
Miller, Graham D   Yes No    
Miller, Janice   Yes No    
Miller, John S   Yes No    
Miller, Mary   Yes No    
Miller, Patricia   Yes Yes Yes 2
Miller, Robert   Yes No    
Mitchell, Janice   Yes No    
More, John W   Yes No    
More, Linda S   Yes Yes Yes 1
Mowat, Deirdre   Yes No    
Mowat, John A   Yes No    
Muirhead, David   Yes No    
Munro, Angus G   Yes No    
Munro, Karen A Davidson Yes No    
Munro, Martin   Yes No    
Murray, David D   Yes No    
Nicoll, Brenda   No No    
Nicolson, Helen   No No    
Norman, Theresa Lesley   Yes No    
Oag, Janice Chretten Yes No    
Oliphant, Louisa C   No No    
Omand, Christine (Ann) John Yes No    
Patterson, Richard   No No    
Plowman, Barbara J   Yes No    
Plowman, Carole Green Yes No    
Plowman, Ronald, G   Yes No    
Polson, Valerie Watt Yes No    
Reid, Linda A Cowie Yes No    
Richie, Andrea   Yes No    
Richie, Fiona Sutherland Yes No    
Risbridger, James W   Yes No    
Robertson, Audrey J   Yes No    
Robertson, Peter S   No No    
Robertson, Steven   Yes No    
Rosie, Anne C   Yes No    
Rosie, Elizabeth Thomson Leith Yes No    
Rosie, James M   Yes No    
Ross, Donald   Yes No    
Russell, James   Yes No    
Russell, Lynn   Yes No    
Shaw, Alison B Hill Yes No    
Shaw, Margaret F McGill Yes Yes Yes 1
Shearer, Kevin   Yes No    
Shearer, Michael   Yes No    
Shepherd, Graham   Yes No    
Sim, Stephanie J S   Yes No    
Simpson, Jennifer M Clyne Yes No    
Simpson, Stephen D   Yes No    
Sinclair, Barbara Bain Yes No    
Sinclair, Chrisell   Yes No    
Sinclair, Francis James   Yes No    
Sinclair, Graham H   Yes No    
Sinclair, J Bruce   Yes No    
Sinclair, Janice C   Yes No    
Sinclair, Michael J   Yes Yes Yes 2
Smith, Irene A   No No    
Smith, Valerie C   Yes No    
Smith, Wendy G   No No    
Spence, David   Yes No    
Steven, Christopher A   Yes No    
Steven, Donna R   Yes No    
Steven, Karen J   Yes No    
Steven, Karen L Munro Yes No    
Stubbings, Norma   Yes No    
Stubbings, Pauline   No No    
Sutherland, Calum S   Yes No    
Sutherland, David J   Yes No    
Sutherland, David M   Yes No    
Sutherland, Elizabeth Bremner   No No    
Sutherland, Jarger T   No No    
Sutherland, Murray W   Yes No    
Sutherland, Patricia A Macaskill Yes No    
Sutherland, Scott Blanc   Yes No    
Sutherland, Shona B Richards Yes No    
Sutherland, Terry, F   Yes No    
Swanson, Carol T Evans Yes Yes Yes 1
Swanson, Karen Ann Dewer Yes No    
Swanson, Linda   Yes No    
Tamanini, Teresa A Horrox Yes No    
Taylor, James S   No No    
Terris, Lindsay M   Yes Yes Yes 1
Thomson, Ian H   Yes No    
Trevena, Kenneth I   Yes No    
Turner, Anne G E Scott Yes No    
Wares, Anne Fraser Henstridge Yes No    
Wares, Bruce A   No No    
Waring, Malcolm   Yes No    
Watt, Anna C   Yes No    
Watt, Raymond   Yes No    
Webb, George   No No    
Webster, Alistair J   Yes No    
Webster, Susan Ann   Yes No    
Weir, Catherine Ross Yes Yes Yes 2
White, Jullian F   Yes Yes Possibly  
Wilkie, Karen Smith Yes Yes Yes 1
Williamson, Alison   Yes No    
Williamson, Lynne Jane   No No    
Wilson, Richard   Yes No    
Woodhead, Sylvia J   No No    
Young, Henry Mck   Yes No    
Young, Maxwell   No No    
Young, Michael C S   No No