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Wick High School Reunion
Reunion Date  - Venue, Dounreay Club, Wick

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Name Married Name Address In 1975 Possible Location
Allan, Elane   Address Not Known Aberdeen?
Barlett, Elaine S   9 Anderson Drive, Wick Aberdeen?
Barnetson, Christopher J   51 Nicolson Street, Wick  
Boswell, David Lee   20 Smith Terrace Wick  
Buchan, Charles   Eriska, Bayview Wick  
Buchen, Isobel   Address Not Known  
Campbell, Carol A   Upper Latheron, Latheron Tain?
Clarke, Anne S G   Old School, Stanstill  
Crothers, David   Balinbra, Dunbeath  
Dalrymple, Ian   Ardronald Northcote Street, Wick  
Dearness, Ian Mark   Roskellan, 6 Hood Street, Wick  
Donaldson, Gordon   Roselea Main Street, Lysbster Aberdeen?
Durrand, David L   Buchollie, Lybster  
Durrand, Gloria   16 Hill Avenue, Wick  
Forbes, Denise   Guidibest, Latheron  
Gillander, Gillian   Address Not Known Aberdeen?
Grant, Caroline   8 Pilot Road, Papigoe Glasgow?
Grant, Maureen H   Stewart Buildings, Lybster  
Green, Andrew J   Kynance Roadside, Reiss  
Harper, Elizabeth M A   17 Leishman Avenue, Wick  
Harper, Isobel M C   30 Nicolson Street, Wick  
Henderson, Joan M   Backlass Farm, Watten  
Hurray, Alan R   4 George Street Wick Montrose?
Hutchison, Brenda   Address Not Known Tain?
Lister, Anne   Address Not Known  
Lyall, Graham   16 Gunns Terrace, Wick  
MacDonald, Philip   6 Sandigoe Drive, Wick  
Mackay, Kenneth A   7 Kirk Hill, Wick  
Mackenzie, Graham   15 Corner Crescent, Wick  
Mackenzie, Hugh J   2 Portland Terrace, Berriedale Strathnaver Farm somewhere?
Macleod, Lorne B   Lengillis Miller Avenue, Wick  
MacPhee Kathleen   14 Cliff Cottages, Papigoe  
McAdam, Douglas   22 Seaforth Avenue, Wick  
McBeath, Paul   Bultore Cottage, Mid Clyth Israel?
McPhee, Alan S   34 Ackergill Street, Wick  
McPhee, Stewart   76 McRae Street, Wick  
Nicoll, Brenda   34 Grant Street, Wick  
Nicolson, Helen   31 Macleod Road, Wick  
Oliphant, Louisa C   Blybster, Watten  
Patterson, Richard   17 Smith Terrace, Wick  
Robertson, Peter S   12 Hillhead Road, Wick  
Smith, Irene A   Noss Farm Cottage  
Smith, Wendy G   64 Seaforth Avenue, Wick Dundee?
Stubbings, Pauline   64 Murcheson Street, Wick Peterhead?
Sutherland, Elizabeth Bremner   1 Macleod Road, Wick  
Sutherland, Jarger T   40 Grant Street, Wick  
Taylor, James S   Spawinds, Willowbank, Wick  
Wares, Bruce A   18 Owen Place, Wick  
Webb, George   Mission Hall, Hunna John O Groats  
Williamson, Lynne Jane   22 Bank Row, Wick  
Woodhead, Sylvia J   53 Henrietta Street, Wick  
Young, Maxwell   2 Mount Harly Terrace, Wick  
Young, Michael C S   Kelda, Barons Court, Wick  
Lockhead, Jim   Address Not Known - Keiss area?  
Farquhar, Marion   Address Not Known  
People removed for original list - as we don't think they were our year.  
Gunn, Shona M Stubbings 47 Leith Walk, Wick Removed from list - not our year
Farquhar, James   8 Kennedy Terrance, Wick Removed from list - not our year
Roberts, Callum   9, 10, 11 River Street Wick Removed from list - not our year
Sandison, Lewis-Anne MacGregor   12 Hill Avenue, Wick Removed from list - not our year
Sutherland, Jurgen T   The Caravan Trinkie, Wick Removed from list - not our year
Mackay, William A   16 Hospital road, Wick Removed from list - not our year