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Canisbay School 1933

Miss Janet Taylor ( Later Mrs Docherty) and  Mr Hugh McColl

Wattie Ross, William Gulloch, Donny MacLeod, James MacLeod, James Simpson, Murray Ross

Bill Stewart, Emily Rosie, Alice Mathieson, Bina Geddes, Ivy Lee, Peggy Dunnett, Margaret Grant, Cath Sutherland, Emma Ross, David Nicholson, John Nicholson

David Shearer, Jim Shearer, John Fraser, John Johnstone, Margaret Lee, Ally MacKay, Dina Johnstone, Jessie MacKay, Nellie MacKay, Violet Shearer, Minnie Mathieson, Joey Leith.

Picture supplied by Hugh Ross who got it from one of the teachers in the picture