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Crossroads School - App. 1914
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Picture supplied by Sheila Moir

TEACHERS: Jessie Malcolm, Corsback. Andrew MacIntosh, Schoolhouse Crossroads, & Maggie Macgregor, Rattar. (later Mrs Magnus Swanson of Thuster Farm Wick.)

1. ?.
2. Andy Gunn, Rattar,
3. Hector Farquhar , Barrock,
4. Will Macrae, Scarfskerry,
5.Danny Calder, Scarfskerry,
6.Alex Coghill, Barrock.
7.Jamie Coghill Barrock,
8. John Malcolm, Barrock.

1. Jean Manson , Barrock, (m.to. Johnnie Baikie)
2. Bessie Mason, Barrock. (m. to Hugh Simpson )
3. Jean Campbell, Rattar Smiddy (single)
4.Amy Manson, Barrock. ( m to Donald Malcolm )
 5. Jessie Tait, Barrock. (m to.Geordie Dunnet, Scarfskerry)
6.Bena Muir, Scarfskerry. ( m to Bert Bews,Orkney.),
7. ? Horne Rattar.
8.Teenie Sutherland, Shore Of Rattar, Scarfskerry. ( m. to Dan Calder, Rattar.)
9.Jessie Muir, Scarfskerry. ( Single. ? )

1.Geordie Coghill, Barrock.
. Bert Innes, Rattar Smiddy. ( Single )
3. Maggie Simpson, Barrock ( m. to Geordie Mowat, Lyth.)
4 Jeannie Calder, Rattar. (m to ? Bain) {House no longer there. was in Rattar Farm fields }  
5. Tina Macintosh, Crossroads
6. Johan Macleod, Scarfskerry.
7 Annie Banks "Joiners Shop" Rattar Smiddy. (m. to Dave Alexander)
8. Ella Macdonald Barrock. (m to John. R. Bain, Myreland.)
9. Phemie Gunn. (m. to Robbie Munro, Castletown.)
10. Derry Dunnet, Corsback.

1. Donnie Smith,Barrock.
2. Christie Mackay, Rattar. (m to Kate Swanson.)
3. Don Sutherland , Shore Of Rattar, Scarfskerry, ( m  to Barbara Bell Sinclair,Stroma.)
4 . Jamie Auld, Hollandmaik. Barrock.   
5. Tom Auld Hollandmaik Barrock.( m to Maggie Jane Wallace Blackpeel, Mey)
6. Ackie Gunn Greenvale. ( m.to ? Macleod) 7. Jim Bruce. Ham.( M. Nellie Begg. Aukengill