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Dunnet School - About 1910 - 1911

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Picture sent in by Sheila Moir - "I got copies from my aunt Maryann (of Mary Ann's Cottage) as my mam & uncles are in it . She named them for me."
TEACHERS: Robert Moir. & Daisy Sutherland, Barrock.

1st.Bella Calder, {Ness.} 2nd.Barrie Brotchie. 3th.Maryanne Young. 4th.Greta Begg. 5th. Bella Moore. 6th.Mary Allan. 7th. Belle Miller. Katie Banks,{ Ha'. } 9th. Jamie Henderson. 10th. Andy Simpson. 11th. Alex Gunn,{Brough.} 12 Johnnie Young. 13 Alex. Henderson.

2nd.BACK ROW: L - R.
1st.Liz MacDonald. 2nd.Stewart Calder. 3rd. Lizzy Skinner.{Wester} 4th. Greta Henderson. 5th.Minnie Banks,{Brough.}

6th.Maggie Mathieson. 7th.Cathie Miller. 8th.Bella Dundas. 9th.George Gunn, {Brough.} 10th.John Nicolson, Cooperhill. 11th.George Begg.{Shop} 12th. Jim Taylor.{ P.O.}

1st.Jean Henderson. 2nd.Chrissie Sutherland 3rd. Annie Sutherland {The Greens} . 4th.Bena Miller. 5th.Annie Ainsley 6th.Susan Ainsley. 7th.David B. Sutherland,{Pandora Cott.} 8th.Dannie Brotchie. 9th.David Rankin. 10th.Tom Ainsley. 11th.Davie Sutherland {Burnside.later Scarfskerry} 12th.Donald Banks. 13th. Will Oman or Ross. Hunspow.

2nd FRONT ROW. L - R.
1st. John Calder, {The Hill} 2nd.Mac Taylor. 3rd.Eddie Calder, [Ness} 4th. John Mathieson. 5th.Donald Calder.{The Ness} 6th.Sandy Calder, { The Ness } . 7th.Winnie Banks The Ha'} 8th. Maggie Sutherland { Burnside, later, Scarfskerry}. 9th.Mary Banks, {The Ha'] 10th. Dolly Banks {The Ha'} 11th.Chrissie Begg. {The Shop} 12th.Teenie Sutherland, { Burnside.later Scarfskerry} 13th.Jessie Ross,{Courtfall.} 14th.Lily Bruce.{Hunspow} 15th.Chrissie Sutherland. { The Greens} 16th.Barrie Begg.

1st.Billy Brotchie or MacKay. 2nd.George Rankin. 3rd.Jackie Swanson.{Brough} 4th.Donnie W.Sutherland {Burnside later Scarfskerry.} 5th. Willie Ross {Courtfall} 6th.James Calder {The.Hill } 7th.Violet Gunn. {Brough} 8th.Cathie Skinner, {Wester} 9th.Jessie Henderson {Hunspow} 10th.Jeannie Banks. 11th.Tet Sutherland {Hunspow} 12th.Janet Mackenzie. 13th.Winnie Miller.

From George Sutherland, USA 19 June 2003
Finally, at age 70 I purchased my first PC. As my father came from Dunnet i found your website. the picture of the school class included my aunt Chrissie Sutherland
my uncle David B. Sutherland, and my fathers old girlfriend, Maggie Mathieson.
The year of the picture is about right as Pandora Cottage was completed in 1911.
Chrissie occupied the cottage until her death, then her son Jimmy took it over until his death two years ago. David came to the States sometime after my father came here. I understand  Maggie married a local man and lived happily ever after.
My father George C. Sutherland came over in 1920. He served with the Seaforth Highlanders in WW1. He was one of the lucky ones who was wounded in the leg but lived to come home. Most of his friends were killed. I believe he was in the Ypres sector.
I visited "home" in Caithness in 1954, 1994, 1996 and 2000.
My best to everyone,
George M. Sutherland