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Left Hand Side Of Main Picture of Dunnet School - About 1910 - 1911

TEACHERS: Robert Moir. & Daisy Sutherland, Barrock.

1st.Bella Calder, {Ness.} 2nd.Barrie Brotchie. 3th.Maryanne Young. 4th.Greta Begg. 5th. Bella Moore. 6th.Mary Allan. 7th. Belle Miller. Katie Banks,{ Ha'. } 9th. Jamie Henderson. 10th. Andy Simpson. 11th. Alex Gunn,{Brough.} 12 Johnnie Young. 13 Alex. Henderson.

2nd.BACK ROW: L - R.
1st.Liz MacDonald. 2nd.Stewart Calder. 3rd. Lizzy Skinner.{Wester} 4th. Greta Henderson. 5th.Minnie Banks,{Brough.}

6th.Maggie Mathieson. 7th.Cathie Miller. 8th.Bella Dundas. 9th.George Gunn, {Brough.} 10th.John Nicolson, Cooperhill. 11th.George Begg.{Shop} 12th. Jim Taylor.{ P.O.}

1st.Jean Henderson. 2nd.Chrissie Sutherland 3rd. Annie Sutherland {The Greens} . 4th.Bena Miller. 5th.Annie Ainsley 6th.Susan Ainsley. 7th.David B. Sutherland,{Pandora Cott.} 8th.Dannie Brotchie. 9th.David Rankin. 10th.Tom Ainsley. 11th.Davie Sutherland {Burnside.later Scarfskerry} 12th.Donald Banks. 13th. Will Oman or Ross. Hunspow.

2nd FRONT ROW. L - R.
1st. John Calder, {The Hill} 2nd.Mac Taylor. 3rd.Eddie Calder, [Ness} 4th. John Mathieson. 5th.Donald Calder.{The Ness} 6th.Sandy Calder, { The Ness } . 7th.Winnie Banks The Ha'} 8th. Maggie Sutherland { Burnside, later, Scarfskerry}. 9th.Mary Banks, {The Ha'] 10th. Dolly Banks {The Ha'} 11th.Chrissie Begg. {The Shop} 12th.Teenie Sutherland, { Burnside.later Scarfskerry} 13th.Jessie Ross,{Courtfall.} 14th.Lily Bruce.{Hunspow} 15th.Chrissie Sutherland. { The Greens} 16th.Barrie Begg.

1st.Billy Brotchie or MacKay. 2nd.George Rankin. 3rd.Jackie Swanson.{Brough} 4th.Donnie W.Sutherland {Burnside later Scarfskerry.} 5th. Willie Ross {Courtfall} 6th.James Calder {The.Hill } 7th.Violet Gunn. {Brough} 8th.Cathie Skinner, {Wester} 9th.Jessie Henderson {Hunspow} 10th.Jeannie Banks. 11th.Tet Sutherland {Hunspow} 12th.Janet Mackenzie. 13th.Winnie Miller.