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Keiss Pantomime - The Whole School - Probably 1979
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OK  Can We Sort them Out?

Front Row:

Callum Mclean, ?, ?, Lynne Johnstone, Sharon Pottinger, Katrina Fraser, Kevin Henderson, Andrew Mackay, Mhairi Aitken, Anne Cormack, Donald Miller, Kenneth Manson
Second Row:
Yvonne Henderson, Elaine Sutherland, ?, Marie Mowat, ?, ?, MacNicol, Andrew Lannon, Keith Dunnet, ?, Alan Crowe,
Third Row:
 ?, ?, Alan Hancock, ?, Magnus Bain, ?, ?, ?,?,?,?, ?, ?,?, ?, ?
Fourth Row:
?, Hamish Harrold, David Alexander, ?, ?, ?, ?, Rhona Mackay, ?,?,? Lorraine Alexander, Marianne Richard
Fifth Row:
?,?, Marion Macaulay, Lorna Begg, Helen Cormack, Donkey ? ?, Maureen Calder, Fiona Lannon, Tracey Robertson,  ?, Teresa Hamilton, Donna Henderson
Back Row:
Alan Mackay, James Polson, Colin Mackay, Julie Steven, Marianne Mackay, Karen Bruce, Peter Sinclair, Alan Johnstone, Kevin Bruce.

5 April 2001
So the donkey people thought they could hide.  We may have their names very soon.  A programme from the event may have been uncovered which although it does not have the names it apparently might have those in the donkey suit.

Received 5 April
Jamie Sinclair has sent in a slightly different fourth row

4th row    ?, Hamish Harold,David Alexander,Stuart Smith,David Richard,Connie Dunnett,Janice Miller,Rhona Mackay,Fiona Mackay,Catherine Begg,?,

Jamie Sinclair has sent in a third row

3rd row    Magnus Bain,?,?,Jason Hamilton,

From Connie 6 April
I think Jamie meant  -
  ?,?,Alan Hancock,?,Magnus Bain,?,?,Jason Hamilton,?,?,?,Angela Polson,?,Karen Scott
And not that Magnus was the first in the row.
I think Shona Kettell is in between Catherine Begg and Lorraine Alexander in the 4th row.
5th row  -  ?,Julia Martin
2nd row  -  Yvonne Henderson,Elaine Sutherland,?,Marie Mowat,Yvonne Oag

Bill Says - We will await further comments before sorting it all out.  Its a hard one as the years go by.

Picture supplied by Allan Lannon -headmaster Miller Academy, Thurso