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Lieurary Primary School -  About 1959 - 60

Here is another school picture for you, this time of Lieurary Primary School round about 1959/60. The names are the work of Gena McKenzie, to whom, many thanks.
The group comprises, from left:,
back row - Joan Forsyth, Russell Mill, Christine Henderson, Elizabeth Bain, Brian Gunn, Sheila Campbell:
middle row - Colin Sutherland, William Gunn, John Macdonald, Robert Gunn, William McIvor, Brian Forsyth, Hugh Campbell, Rosemary Macleod:
front row - James Lawson, Margaret Gunn, Alison Styling, Keith Styling, Topsy Munro, Mrs Hannah, Margaret Bain, Nicky Cook, Colleen Henderson, Ian Lawson
Picture from  Brian Forsyth