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Miller Academy 1950 - Class 1 - T

Picture Sent By George Frederick - 8 June 2002
   " I hope I’ve got the names and the spelling correct, if not forgive me fifty years is a long time"

Back row L to R,
? Macivor, Donald Thomson, ? Sutherland, Ian Angus, George Macphee, George Reid, Christopher Macivor, James ‘Tassy’Mackay, James Macivor (Christopher’s brother)  Rollo Sutherland.

Middle row L to R,
Robin ‘Punchy’Mackay,Willie Macphee,Roddy White,Roy Sutherland,James Plowman, George Frederick,  ?, George Ross, Johnny Macphee and his brother Donny.

Front row L to R,
Janette and Margaret Macgregor, Janette Tolan, Anne Mackay, ?, Marlou Sinclair, Margaret Thomson sister of Donald, ?, Doreen Stevens.

8 January 2006
From Mrs Marion Walker
I was amazed to find the first photo I came across on the website had my friend at the front but without her name. I have finally decided to do something about it. Her name is Janet Sutherland and she lived with her parents on a farm on the way to Dounreay from Thurso (which is my home town).  The photo is The Miller Academy 1950 Class 1 T. Janet is in the front in line with Janette Tolan then Ann Mackay and next to her is Janet.

I have lived in England for a long time now but still visit my home as much as possible. Which brings me to another point. I have started a small website on the subject of wildlife http://wildgardenlife.moonfruit.com/ and as this interest started when I was young and went for long walks in Thurso, I have mentioned this on my site. I have at present got a link to Caithness.org on it a
Thanks for keeping me in touch with my home through your website.
Mrs. Marion Walker