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Miller Academy - 1955-56

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From David Farquhar 28 February 2002
I would like to submit the attached 1955-56 Miller Academy photo for inclusion in your School Days section. The names were a joint effort between myself (David Farquhar - now of Houston, Texas), Ian Sinclair (of I. & M. Sinclair, Electrical Contractors, Thurso), and Catherine Robertson (Nicolson) (of Nicolson Engineering, Bower), all of whom are in the photo. (This is at a resolution of 100 dpi. It is a 308 KB file.

Thurso Miller Academy, Class 1A, 1955-56
Back two rows (mixed, from left): Simon Moodie, Robin Mowat, Alastair Macdonald, Douglas Mackay, Peter Manson, Alastair Fraser, Ian Sinclair, John Gallon, David Lockie, William Dundas, Donald Watt, Ronald Blunden, Angus Mackay, William Wilson, David Farquhar, George Foster, Marcus Mackenzie, Ronald Hannah, Sydney Scott.

Middle row: David Kennedy, Margaret Meiklejohn, Elise Sutherland, Barbara Macleod, Joan Mackay, Maire Mackay, Jean Crawford, Derek Meridith.

Front row: Roy Munro, Barbara Macleod, Helen Shearer, Margaret Sinclair, Moira Mackay, Shirley Atkin, Catherine Robertson, Margaret Bain, Jessie Campbell, Janette Gibson, Sandra Holmes, George Mackenzie.