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Miller Academy 1962 Centenary - Picture S

Once You have studied the names here you will find a Message Board thread for old class mates
at http://www.caithness.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=1205

Picture sent by Maurice Boardman 8 March 2002
Back row: ? Kelly; Steve Miller?; Maurice Boardman; Kenneth Turnbull; ?; Richard Nicholson; ?; Christopher O’Neill; ?; Irvine Webster; Iain MacKenzie; ?
Middle row: ?; Kay Russell; ?; Janet Roper; Ann Hatch; ?; Camilla Sutherland; Yvonne Hanna; Inez Sellars; Helen McPhee
Front row: ?; Margaret Liddle; ?; ?; Christine Simpson?; ?; Carol Hughes; ?; Elizabeth Clark; Christine Brown; ?; ?
On the ground: Kevin Cusack; ?; ?; ?

Kay Wilson corrected to Kay Russell by Kay Wilson - 10 March 2002

Kenny Sabiston Sends The Following List - 4 April 2002
Back Row: Leslie Kelly, Stewart Shearer, ?, ?, Keith Phimister, ?, Kenneth Sabiston, ?, Ian Manson, ?, ?, Edward Docherty,
Middle: Valerie Harper, ?, Margaret Stirton, ?, Sarah ? (Sutherland I think!), Linda Smith, ?, ?, ?, ?,
Front: Irmgard Farquharson, ?, Stella Budge, Marguarite Smith, ?, Shona Forrest, ?, ?, ?, ?, Eileen Manson, ?,
Seated: David Irvine, Alexander Sinclair, Ronald Mowat, George Grant

This will take quite a bit of sorting out as there appears to be little agreement between the two lists.  Anyone lese with a good memory out there or a copy with it all written on the back?

Stewart Shearer, Jakarta,Indonesia 5 April 2002
Surveying both lists it looks good but here is my guess Back Row
L. Kelly, Me, M. Boardman, K. Turnbull, K. Phimister, R. Nicholson, K. Sabiston, ?, I. Manson, I.Webster, I.McKenzie,?
Middle Row
V.Harper, K. Russell, M. Stirton, ?Sarah?, L. Smith, C. Sutherland, Y. Hanna, I. Sellars, H. MacPhee
Front Row
I. Farquharson, ?, S. Budge, M. Smith, Kitty Simson, S. Forrest, ?, ?, ?, ?, E.Manson
D. Irvine, Sanders Sinclair, R. Mowat ,G. Grant
I have spoken to both Stella Budge(W.Australia) and Margeret Stirton(S.Africa) about this photo,it certainly brought back memories.

From Maurice Boardman 5 April 2002
I'm excited to see that Kenny Sabiston provided the 1962 Miller "S" names.
As I follow along, it looks like he's named all the people I couldn't, with the exception of just a few.  I've put his list and mine together below. I'm more than happy to concede my choices to someone else. My memory is not what it once was!
Back row:
Leslie Kelly; Stewart Shearer; Maurice Boardman; Kenneth Turnbull; Keith Phimister; Richard Nicholson; Kenneth Sabiston; Christopher O'Neill; Ian Manson; Irvine Webster; Iain Mackenzie; Edward Docherty
Middle row:
Valerie Harper; Kay Russell; Margaret Stirton; Janet Roper; Sarah ?; Linda Smith; Camilla Sutherland; Yvonne Hanna; Inez Sellars; Helen McPhee
Front row:
Irmgard Farquharson; Margaret Liddle; Stella Budge; Marguarite Smith; Christine Simpson?; Shona Forrest; Carol Hughes; ?; Elizabeth Clark; Christine Brown; Eileen Manson; ?
On ground:
David Irvine; Alexander Sinclair; Ronald Mowat; George Grant We had differences on the following:
Back row:
Steve Miller vs. Stewart Shearer. I agree with Kenny.
Middle row: Ann Hatch vs. Sarah ?. Now that I hear the name Sarah, I agree.
On ground: Kevin Cusack vs. David Irvine. I was pretty sure my choice was wrong, so again, I'll defer to Kenny.
It looks like he and I moved in exactly opposite groups of people. I think what happened was that half of the class went on to Pennyland, and those are the names I remember best, and the others stayed at Miller (I think). I'm guessing Kenny stayed with that group, and got to know them better.
This has been an interesting exercise. Please pass my thanks on to Kenny for filling in so many holes in my memory!  Now that we have the combined list, there are only a few "unknowns".