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Miller Academy 1962 Centenary - Picture U

Picture Sent in By William Steven

Some of the people in this also appear in picture G in the 1960 series.
I don't remember all the names but the ones I do remember are:
Back row l to r  ?, ?, ?, William Clark, William Mcvey, Alistair Maclean, Anthony Eggerton, James Horne, Robert Sinclair.
Second row l to r  William Steven, John Munro, Kenneth Rankin, Cheryl ?, Macdonald, Wilma Marshall, Patrick Sinclair,  Allan Sinclair, ?, ?.
Third row l to r  Sandra Macdonald, Carinda ?Maclean, ?, Patricia Hendry?, Anne Gunn, Anitra Davies?,Ellen Taylor, Kay Taylor, ?, Denise Gudtz?, ?,
Valerie Broadley, ?.
Front row  l to r  Douglas Stewart, William Smith, Ian Storm, Roy Donn,

To those whose names I have forgotten or have gotten wrong I apologise.  Sender : William Steven (second row ,first left)