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Miller Academy 1977 - Primary 7/1

Miller Academy Class 1 (Sent by Lynn Gibson) 15 June 05
Back Row
Stephen Pickering, Scott MacDonald, Steven MacLeod, Michael Fry, Afzal Mohammed, ? ?, Paul MacAskill, ? ?
2nd Back Row
? ?, John MacGinley, ?, Donald Campbell, ?, ?, John Traill, Curtis Miller, Susan Dearness, Mrs
2nd Front Row
Jennifer Swanson, Heather MacLean, Jacqueline Gunn, Laura Bruce, Mairi Meiklejohn, Helen Mathieson, Lynn Gibson, ?, Terry Sincavage
Front Row
Scott Kirkpatrick, Dean Riach, James Sheerin

P7/1, Miller Academy, from 1977 - Picture sent by Lynn Davie 22 April 2005
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Names Sent By Paul MacAskill
Here is my stab at the names for the School Photo of Primary 7/1 at Miller Academy in 1977. Apologies for wrong spelling of names (or completely wrong names) - but the photo wasn't taken yesterday !!!!!!

Back Row L-R, Stephen Pickering, Scott MacDonald, Sam McLeod, Michael Fry, Afzal Mohamed, Melville Anderson, Paul MacAskill, Christopher Ness.

Second Back Row L-R, Lorna Rosie, Ian McGinly, Michael Hannah, Donald Campbell, David Young, Kevin Cormack, John Traill, Curtis Miller, Susan Deerness, Mrs Stephenson.

Sitting L-R, Jennifer Swanson, Heather MacLean, Jaqueline Gunn, Lorna Bruce, Mhairi Meiklejohn, Helen Matheson, Lynn Gibson, Sheena Mackay, Terry Sincavage.

Seated on Ground, Scott KirkPatrick, Dean Riach, James Sheerin.Cheers,