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North School, Wick - 1947

Top Row: 1st left David Miller  (Alexander Munro Easson is 5th from left top row)
Middle Row : McAlpine ? David Miller (Supplier of photo) ? Curly Stevens ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Billy Doull Ian Forbes (I think) ? ?
Front Row: Donald Harper ? ? ? Adamson Betty McKenzie ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Robert Manson

Picture supplied by David Miller
Received 3 October 2001
My aunt in Norway (Hope Easson) sent me the photo from North School 1947 which was supplied by David Miller.
My Dad (Alexander Munro Easson) is 5th from left top row.
Unfortunately my dad died in 1985, therefore seeing the photo brought a smile to my face,
and no doubt to Hopes', and will also be passed to my 2 older sisters and my 9 year old nephew (Callum)
who I have now discovered bears an uncanny resemblence to my Dad.
We only have a few photos of him from his school days, so this will be added to the collection.
If my dads name had not already been added to the photo, please could you add it?.
Thank you very much
Karen Howard (nee Easson)
From Isobel Ferrier 10 November 2003  See This picture closer and closer
Back Row
David Miller, David Green, Alexander Chisholm, Donald sutherland, Munro Easson, Donald Anderson, Peter Russell, Daniel Sutherland, Thomas Bean, Edward Beattie
Middle Row
Duncan McAlpine, Hamish Williamson, David Miller, Jack Coghill, Alister Steven, Jessie, McAulay, Henrietta Sinclair, Francis Begg, Margaret Bremner, ? Newlands, ?  ?, May Webster, William Doull, ?Ian Forbes, Donald Reid, James Scott
Front Row
Donald Harper, James Taylor, Nancy Harper, ?  ?, Chrissie Adamson, Betty Mackenzie, William Gunn, Isobel Sutherland, Hilda Bruce, ?  ?, Elizabeth Muir, Annie Bremner, Isobel Henderson, Robert Manson