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North School 1937

Back Row:     Sinclair Bain, Lionel Hook, George Durand, Kenneth Pate, Billy
                     Edwards, Billy Gray, ? Duncan, Adam Durand
Second Row: Maimie MacLean, Irene Ross, Nellie MacLeod, -?- , Mary MacPhee,
                     Betty Bain, Doreen Dunnet, Margaret MacLeod, Elma Geddes
Third Row:     Janet Sinclair, Connie Grey, Betty MacRae, Charlotte MacPhee,
                     Cathie Mowat, Annie Gunn, -?- , Betty MacCaddie, Alastair Miller (?),
                     Clive Taylor
Front Row:     Margaret More, -?- , Elizabeth Cameron, May MacBeath

Picture sent by Irene M. Basner (Maimie MacLean)
She said  -
"Although I have lived in the U.S.A. (Michigan) for 42 years, I have never forgotten those early years spent in Wick, and on almost every overseas trip I pay a visit to Caithness.  Now, thanks to your website, I can "visit" as often as I wish!"
"The class photograph taken at the North School in 1937--the year it opened I believe.    When war broke out in 1939, the school became a hospital and the students had to attend Pulteneytown Academy.    The girl seated third from the left in the front row, Elizabeth Cameron, was killed during the 1940 air-raid.