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Pennyland School Days Index

School Days Index

Pennyland School - Thurso 1963

The girl sitting next to Christine (Kitty) Simpson is Margaret Gray.
Nigel Ellis -11 December 2008

From Dolly O'Reilly - 16 January 2006
My children went to Pennyland School in the 60s and one daughter is in the photo. She is second from the left in the middle row and her name is Cathie O'Reilly. After Cathie had done her A levels she went on to live in Italy for 11 years and qualify as a teacher of children with severe learning difficulties. She is still doing just that in the London Borough of Hackney and enjoys her job tremendously.

Picture Sent by Maurice Boardman 8 March 2002
Back row: Graham Russell; Paul Rose; Christopher O’Neill; Danny Kerr; Nicky Ellings; Richard Nicholson; Alan MacDonald; Kenneth Turnbull; Stephen Cassell; Maurice Boardman
Middle row: Jennifer Smith; Cathie O'Reilly; Ann Hatch; Yvonne Hanna; Fiona Gibson; Linda Budge; Joyce Hunter; Margaret Sinclair; Janet Roper; Alison Hale; Christine Brown
Front row: Pat Rollinson; ?; Inez Sellars; Carol Hughes; Elizabeth Clark; Margaret Cameron; Margaret Liddle; Janet Nailor; ?; Christine Simpson; ?; Rosemary Wilson
On the ground: ? Kelly; Iain McKenzie; Irvine Webster; Peter Holliday?; Bruce MacDonald; Alastair Lees?