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Reay - About 1948

From Doreen Steven (nee Taylor) 12 February 2003
From Back, Left to Right.
Robin Mackay, Adam Mackay, Adam Wares, ? , Donald Alexander, Bill Mackay, Marcus ?
JohnMcPherson, ? ,MarieMacDonald, MargaretThompson, ? , Jenny Sutherland, Mable Alexander, Elspeth Mackay, Hugh Ross, ? .
Fenella McBeth(I think), Susan Gunn, ? ,Bettine Taylor, Lorna Mackay, Jessie McDonald, Margaret Sutherland, Meta Munro, Doreen Taylor.
? , Ivan McPherson, David MacDonald, Ian Morris, Ian Sinclair, William Oag, Andrew Thompson, Adam Gunn

From Katrina Kirkpatrick 29 October 2005
The boy sitting on the front row next to Ivan is Alex MacKay, brother of
Elspeth. I thought it would be nice to give him his name!!