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Sarah Reid - 1910 -1912

 A Visit To Town


When one has any intention of leaving home for a day, one always has to make preparations beforehand. Some may be preparing a month prior to the visit, and others perhaps make all the preparations in a day. Of course it always depends on the circumstances in which one is placed. The wardrobe has to be examined carefully, so that everything may be in readiness for the morning, boots brushed, hair washed and combed, and many other little things have to be done. Having made all necessary preparations the day beforehand I found it a hard task to rise out of bed in the morning. The day being fine, I dressed myself in a light summer dress, and a hat trimmed for the occasion. No doubt I had many a peep at the mirror before everything was placed in order.

On the way to Town

Away I went at last , in high spirits, not thinking little of myself of course. The conveyance by which I intended going was ready waiting me. The driver having seen me safely seated, jumped up to his seat, and off we started on our journey. There was a good number of people in the machine, so it was not very comfortable sitting between two old wives.

The long stretch of links was green , and in some parts, beautiful flowers peeped above the grass. The roadside was beautifully decorated with flowers of different colours mixed with long glossy grass. Several motor cars passed us. The young rabbits gambolled about, running out and in their burrows like young kittens.


The machine came to a stand still in front of a grocers shop. I was glad when I stepped out of the machine. My legs were so stiff and sore that I could hardly walk. After paying my passage I went down through Bridge Street.

In Town

There were a number of people gathered together up the river side. There were games, music and dancing. I went up to see the games. Several boys were trying to steady themselves in tubs, and row across the river. After rowing a short distance, the tubs capsized, and the poor lads went under the water, but they came to the surface again and swam to the bank of the river. They tried it again but in vain. In the ring young men were throwing a hammer, and the one who threw it furthest got a prize. Feeling hungry I crossed the river on the bridge, and went to a restaurant where I satisfied my hunger. As I was walking through the street I met one of my friends, who wished me to call at her house. The dog met me at the gate, and seemed as though he wished me to play with him. I knocked at the door and gave my aunt a surprise visit. After a short time, I went and purchased all my messages. Then I hurried along to see if the bus was to start at four o clock. This being the case I had just time to see my uncle before leaving.


When all the passengers were seated we left on our homeward journey, feeling a little more comfortable, than when leaving home in the morning. My thoughts rested on the things I had seen in the town and I felt a little sad coming home again, after spending such a good day in town.