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Scarfskerry Sunday School

Picture sent in by Sheila Moir
 Scarfskerry.Photo Taken between Church & Manse on Manse Green.

1st.Lena Jack, Post Office. 2nd. Isobel Dunnet,Burn of Rattar. 3rd. Sheila Calder,Shore of Rattar. 4th.Jessie Jack, Post Office. 5th.Barbara Mackay, Starbank.

SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER. Bella Mackenzie Ben Lee.

1st.Sandy Dunnet, Burn of Rattar. 2nd.Don Calder,Shore of Rattar. 3rd.Derry Manson, Old Co-op Shop, Burn of Rattar. 4th & 5th Twins, Billy & Dennis Manson, Old Co-op Shop, Burn of Rattar. [dont know which is which.They now live in Wick and could probably tell you] 6th. Margaret Dunnet,Burn of Rattar. 7th. Sheila MacKenzie, Ben Lee.

Staying Now 2002
Nos1. Thurso. 2. Scarfskerry. 3. Scarfskerry. 4.Thurso. 5. Dunnet.

Middle. was Scarfskerry [Dec]
Front Row.
1.[ Dec.] 2.Scarfskerry. 3.was Wick [dec] 4.Wick. 5.Wick.6. New Zealand.7. Westhill, Aberdeen.