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Wick High   Class 1A  1951 - 52

Picture Sent In by John Rosie
Wick High School – Class 1A 1951/52

All from Wick unless otherwise indicated.

Back Row L – R
Peter Bruce, Ian Bruce, John Gunn (Aukengill), John Sutherland, John Tait, Peter Ronaldson (Killimster), Robert Gunn (Clayock), Douglas Anderson, Hamish Donn (Canisbay), Dan Stewart, John Rosie (Keiss).

Second Row L – R
  ? ,  ?  , Tina Clark (Gersa?), Janice Miller, Diana Miller,  ?  , Anne Grant (Tannach).

Third Row L – R
Hazel Murray (Watten), Eva Smith (Lanergill), Elizabeth Kennedy, Janet Glander, Rhona Henderson, Margaret Ross, Margaret Bremner (Freswick), Helen Burke (Freswick), Camilla Sutherland (Clyth).

Front Row L – R
Jessie Budge (Keiss), Catherine Cameron, Jennifer Bruce, Isobel Manson, Rhoda Shearer, Dorothy Manson, Georgia Sinclair (Stanstill).

There are, I think, at least two pupils missing – Margaret Budge and Sandy Bruce (both Gillock).  The girls outnumber the boys by two to one – was that a demographic one-off or were girls even then showing their intellectual superiority?

I recognise all the faces, some names escape me – nothing to do with the individuals, more my memory failure.

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