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Commercial Class 1952

Picture supplied by Iris Whiting ( nee Cormack) in Australia since 1953.  Iris supplied the following information -
"Iris Cormack that is me 2nd row 6th from the right with striped jumper and jacket
Bottom row Barbara Chalmers from right
5th from right Irene Beattie
Standing 1st on left is Christine but I can't remember her last name.
"My father was Bill Cormack who had the  shoe shop by the river we came out to Aussie in 1953 where I did my nursing training."
Can anyone else supply other names.

From David Miller 20 December 2001
Regards the Commercial Class 1952
2nd row - 1st on left : the Christine referred to is Christine Nichol (don't know what her married name became)
5th on left is Margaret Douglas (nee Sutherland) and linking arms with her friend 6th on left Nancy Gunn (married name not known) Margaret now lives in Bower.

From Iris Whiting - 24 December 2001
1952 WHS Commercial Class  Far left back row  Betty Sinclair 
Back row third left Helen Hendry  Back row fourth left Elizabeth Sutherland 
Back row fifth left Catherine Farmer

From Nessie Davidson 9 January 2003
The names for the photo are
Back Row Lto R-
Betty Sinclair, Margaret Bain,  Helen Hendry, Eliz. Sutherland, Katherine Farmer, Kitty Steven, Helen Bain, ??
Middle row L to R -
Christine Nicol, Helen MacKay, Isobel Sutherland, Jean Geddes, Margaret Sutherland, Nancy Gunn, Iris Cormack, Eliz. MacKay, Greta Miller, Rena Manson, Jean Tait, Sheona Fraser.
Front row L to R -
Doreen ?Gray, Jean Adamson, Kathryn More, Irene Beattie, Barbara Chalmers, Lena Simpson, Nessie Coghill, Alison Henderson.  These are all their single names I do know the married names of some  and I am still in touch with a few this
may help Iris Cormack she can if she wants get in touch with me and I can give any info I may have .  Hope to hear from you when you can .  Regards
Nessie D.