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Commercial Class 1950 - Second Year

Picture supplied by Iris Whiting ( nee Cormack) in Australia since 1953.  Iris supplied the following information -
Iris Cormack 5th from right hand side 2nd row
The only boy in the class his first name was James I think he came from Watten way
7th from right Isobel Bremner her father had the Lemonade factory in wick
3rd from the right sitting down is Dellie Innes 
Can anyone else supply other names?

From Iris whiting 24 December 2001
1950 WHS Commercial Class  Boy James Simpson  Back row far left Sheena Murray (Watten) 
 Back Row  2nd left Joan(June) Manson (Keiss) 
Back row far right Sheila Cormack (Keiss)    apparently this must be Sheila Cormack but it slips my mind completely 
This was sent to me by the message board by John Rosie from Caithness Iris Whiting

30 December 2001
From Grace Munday (nee Reid) who left Caithness 14 years ago -
My Dad (Tommy Reid from Wick) has put some names to faces for the above-mentioned photo.  He thinks that the lady who sent in the photo has mistakenly transposed a couple of the names, so I'm sending the names as he sees them.
Starting with the back row, working forward to the front, these are the names he knows:
Back row: 1. ? , 2. ? , 3. Isobel Bain, 4. Isobel Wares, 5 Beth Mackenzie, 6. Jane Wallace, 7. ?, 8. ?
2nd row:   1. x Campbell, 2. Anna Fraser, 3. x Allan, 4. Barbara Bruce, 5. Margaret (?) Allan, 6. Annie Robertson, 7. Jean Sutherland, 8. Isobel Bremner, 9. Marlene Bain, 10. ?, 11. Anne Jarvis
3rd row:    1. ?, 2. Eileen Rosie, 3. Marion Bannerman, 4. Iris Cormack, 5. Nancy Harper, 6. ?, 7. Barbara Sutherland, 8. Christine Bain
Front row: 1. ?, 2?, 3?, 4. Eileen (?) Elder, 5. Margaret Sinclair, 6. Della Innes
From Iris Whiting (nee Cormack) 8 January
I am 5th on the left in the WHS Comm PHoto Year 1950 2nd row Grace Monday has it wrong on 30-12-01 Thanks for everything
From Steve Robbie 18 May 2002
Reference the photograph of Wick High School Commercial Class 1950
My wife, Helen gives the following information:
The year is confirmed as 1st year Commercial Class 1950.

Back row from number 1 on the left are:
1 Sheena Murray
2 June Manson
3 Isobel Bain
4 Isobel Wares
5 Betty Mackenzie
6 Jane Wallace
7 ? ?
8 ? ?
9 Annie Cowie
Second row
1 Margaret Campbell
2 Anna Fraser
3 Hazel Allen
4 Barbara Bruce
5 Margo Allan
6 Annie Robertson
7 Jean Sutherland
8 Isobel Bremner
9 Marlene Bain
10 Iris Cormack
11 Margaret Jarvis
12 Eileen Shearer
13 Rita Gunn
14 James Simpson
Third row
1 Hilda Buce
2 Eileen Rosie
3 Marion Bannerman
4 Catherine ?
5 Nancy Harper
6 Marie Sinclair
7 Barbara Sutherland
8 Christine Bain
9 Rena ?
Front row
1 Helen Bremner - Married Steve Robbie from Aberdeen, lived in Thurso and Saudi Arabia. Now in Strathaven
2 Isobel Clyne
3 Grace Auld
4 Ellen Elder
5 Margaret Sinclair
6 Della Innes
7 Mabel Stephen
8 Katherine Tulloch

Please forward this to Iris Whiting in Australia along with our e-mail address. Helen would be pleased to hear from her and can supply additional information.
Steve Robbie