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The Caithness Science Festival

Astronaut Duane Carey Kicks Off 2008 Caithness Science Festival

Former astronaut Duane Carey returned to the Caithness Science Festival at Mount Pleasant school in Thurso on Sunday and proved he is just as inspirational as last year.  His talks really do grab children's attention and his homemade film of some rest time in the space shuttle was of interest to children and adults.  He answered questions about his experiences and told the audience that in his youth he was not a good student but once he realised education was a gateway to learning and opportunity he never looked back even though he often found subject like maths hard.  Duane Carey now delivers talks to many groups of children and adults.  See more on his web site at www.astronautbiker.com or catch him on Tuesday night at Pulteneytown Academy, Wick.  He will be visiting all the schools in Caithness over the next few days to deliver more talks.

Caithness International Science Festival 2008

Duane Carey Returns To The 2008 Caithness Science Festival

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