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Caithness Strategic Redesign Group
Redesigning of Caithness Community Health Services.

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Overview and Introduction
The Caithness Strategic Redesign Group first met on the 5th August 2003. Terms of Reference where developed which includes a list of current members.  The aim of this group is to share information among partner agencies, develop communication links with the public/voluntary sector and work together to solve and prevent problems.

To aid communication in relation to current project implementation groups it was agreed to make minutes of this group available through the Caithness.org website and www.farnortherners.net  site.  We also hope to provide updates from the implementation groups via a newsletter with the assistance of the E Scorrie. Minutes of the Caithness Strategic Redesign Group will be available following ratification/approval at a subsequent meeting.

Katherine Lewis Caithness Redesign Facilitator
01955 605128 Katherine.Lewis@hpct.scot.nhs.uk

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