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Caithness Strategic Redesign Group

Strategic Redesign Index    

Terms of Reference

1. Group Purpose

To support the integrated planning of community health services and social work services for the people of Caithness which utilises redesign methodology thus ensuring patient/client focus and public involvement.

  • By reviewing project proposals, monitoring progress, identifying and coordinating areas of overlap between projects to ensure maximum use of resources and accumulated learning

  • By taking overall responsibility for ensuring that all redesign projects have objectives in line with Local, National and Regional strategies and policies

  • By taking responsibility for the prioritising of projects and making recommendations for the allocation of funding

2. Outcomes

  • Provides a local focus for service redesign

  • Establishes a forum for local interpretation of Local, National and
    Regional Policy

  • Enables practitioner and patient/client led service redesign

  • Facilitates development of coherent, transparent integrated plans

  • Ensures a consultative process producing plans for statutory agencies

  • Focuses funding appropriately

3. Group Membership

  • The group membership will be drawn from the current project leads, senior managers within the statutory agencies, Highland Councillors and patient/client and carer representative groups.

4. Frequency and venue

  • Bi-monthly

5. Reporting Mechanism

  • Reports will be made to the Caithness Area Committee and Caithness LHCC Executive Group and this will be done in coordination with the issue of a Quarterly Newsletter
    Redesign Facilitator will co-ordinate reports from project leads

6. Communication

  • By minutes to group members, staff members, Highland Health Council, Caithness Community Care Forum.

  • By press release following each meeting

  • Via Caithness Network Newsletter (Quarterly with the E Scorrie)

  • Via Local Website

7. Decision making

  • The group will make its decisions and recommendations by consensus. However, there may be occasions when decisions cannot be reached by consensus within the group. On these occasions, the group will identify a way to take them forward.

8. Current Membership

  • Doreen Bell, Lead Nurse – Caithness LHCC, Highland Primary Care NHS Trust

  • Julie Catterall, Community Care team Manager, Highland Council

  • Jane Coll, Caithness Community Care Forum

  • Bill Fernie, Portfolio Holder – Area Housing and Social Work Committee

  • David Flear, Chair, Joint Committee for Action on Community Care

  • Pamela Garbe, Caithness LHCC

  • Dawn Grant, Area Children’s Services Manager, Highland Council

  • Miles Greenford, Public Health Practitioner, Highland Primary Care NHS Trust

  • Ian Hargrave, Acting Area Manager – Caithness, Highland Council

  • Iain Johnston, Lead Clinician, Caithness LHCC

  • Stella Jones, Community Nurse – Learning Disability, Highland Primary Care NHS Trust

  • Katherine Lewis, Redesign Facilitator – Caithness, Highland Primary Care NHS Trust

  • James McAdie, Highland Health Council

  • Mairi MacLeod, Community Mental Health Team Manager, Highland Council

  • Alison Phimister LHCC Manager, Highland Primary Care NHS Trust

  • Bob Silverwood, Area Community Care Manager, Highland Council

  • Tom Slavin, LHCC Accountant, Highland Primary Care NHS Trust

  • Elizabeth Smith, Highland Health Council

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