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Bill's Election Connections & Coincidence

Bill was in Tallahassee, Florida earlier this year.   Weird that he is now involved in an election here in Wick where he is standing with 32 other candidates for 16 places on the local Community Council  - the lowest level of local government in Scotland.  Oddly the election in Wick has had to be rerun after a ballot irregularity. 

Certain electors outwith the Wick community council area were wrongly issued with ballot papers in this first postal ballot.  The ballot was conducted by post for the first time to try and increase the level of participation.  Unfortunately a small number of papers were sent out to electors in other villages near Wick. 

The decision was taken by the Returning Officer the person in charge of the election) in Caithness to re-run the whole thing again.  So here has been a couple of weeks delay but the votes will be counted at the end of the week.  We will know the results by Friday 15 December.   Any lessons here Tallahassee?

Bill was in Tallahassee with Fred Eisinger of Seagull Industries, Palm Beach to attend a conference and to lobby Senators for an increase in Social funding.  One of the days coincided with Palm Beach county day at the State Capitol - hence the beads. 

Bill was visiting places dealing with employment for people with disabilities as part of his Churchill Travelling Fellowship.  Further details of the trip will be published here shortly.

Tallahassee Links

Tallahassee Freenet

billtallahassee.jpg (41015 bytes)
Bill outside the Capitol building

capitolbuildingtallahassee.jpg (38844 bytes)
Front of Florida State Capitol building

fredeisingerbillfernie.jpg (38014 bytes)
Bill with Fred Eisinger after seeing Senators to lobby for increased funding.

governorsclubtallahassee.jpg (43914 bytes)
Governors Club Tallahassee for lunch.

protestorsattallahassee.jpg (38584 bytes)
A protest group at state Capitol -
Trying to get state funding for social services increased

tallahasseefromcapitolbuild.jpg (43614 bytes)
Tallahassee from roof of Capitol Building