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Territorial Army - Wick Platoon
36 Dempster Street, Wick, Caithness
About The TA

Age Limits For The TA
AGE: To Join The TA As A Soldier, You Need To Be Between 17 And 32. The Upper Age Limit May Not Apply To You If You Have An Appropriate Specialist Skill, Certain Professional Qualifications Or Previous Military Experience. The Minimum Age To Be Commissioned As An Officer Is 18 Years (21 For Nurses).

Wick Platoon And Sustained Fire
The Wick Platoon Are The Only TA Detachment In The Highlands To Be Given The Added Role Of Sustained Fire (SF) Platoon.  The Platoon Has Won Countless SF Competitions In The Past

Who Joins The TA?
The TA Is A Rewarding And Challenging Experience That Enriches The Lives Of More Than 40,000 Individuals Nationwide. These Are Everyday People, Just Like You, Determined To Get The Most Out Of Life.  They Are Team Players Who Like Doing New Things, Developing New Skills And Meeting New People.  In Caithness TA members work in shops, offices, hotels, farms, UKAEA and many other places.  They  have different backgrounds and experience in their civilian jobs and get together weekly for training and regularly for adventure training, camps and much more.


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