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Territorial Army - Wick Platoon
The SF Platoon - C Company - 7 Scots
Royal Regiment of Scotland
36 Dempster Street, Wick, Caithness

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26 May 07
Caithness Men All Home From Basra Safely
Captain Kevin Mackay sends his thanks to all the Caithness folk who have supported them over the past seven month on their tour of duty in Basra, Iraq.  The photo shows the men a few days before they left Basra to return to Scotland.  This photo was only the second time they had been together in the seven month tour of duty with Alamein Company.  Great to see them all back with their families. 

10 March 07
Big Photo Gallery From Basra

Earlier Years With The TA In Caithness

20 November 06
Caithness Soldiers Arrived At Basra Airport
The Caithness men are amongst a number of men in the territorial army now serving in Iraq. Thier unit is Territorial Army - Wick Platoon and they are part of SF Platoon - C Company - 7 Scots - Royal Regiment of Scotland formerly C Company - 51st Highland Regiment before the recent changes to the Scottish regiments. We hope to have more photos of the lads in coming months.  anyone who would like to send messages to the boys in Iraq can add to the Message Board  They have a limited access to the Internet in Iraq. 

15 November 06
Caithness Men Head For Iraq

Caithness member sof the TA joined Alemein company having received training on Op Telic 9

We are always looking to recruit and I would hope that this would entice some young keen people to join our local TA unit. Many people are under the impression that its infantry men the TA deal with but there is a wide variety of job and training for females as well as males. Anyone with any questions or interest can come along to the TA hall in Wick on Tuesday night between 7.30 and 9.30pm.

31 October 04
The TA Pages Begin
Welcome to the TA pages of Caithness.org where we will be adding many pictures of the men and women who are part time soldiers in Caithness.  There is a long association of Caithness with the army and they have been involved in many campaigns.   Some of the TA personnel from Caithness have been serving in Iraq.
In the section photographs both past and present will be added in coming months.   The TA makes up to a quarter of the British Army.

The aim of these pages is to show how Caithness folk spend their time in the TA.  If you are interested in finding out more about the TA in Caithness get in touch with the office in Dempster Street, Wick or alternatively check the Territorial Army web site.

The TA Hall, Wick
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