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1 February 2001
This page is to compliment the Pages on Free courses.  If you cannot fond it free you may wish to pay for courses or training online and work at your own pace or in your own home or office.  We will gradually add tot the links over time.

Faq's about Distance Learning

Taking Over the World By Degrees
An article at Financial Times
Discusses the trends in offering distance Learning

Search Sites
Lycos Distance Learning

Yahoo Distance Learning

Distance Course Finder
Over 50,000 Courses



Distance Learning On The Net

Hungry Minds
We’re still making challenging topics and tasks simple.

Open University UK

World Wide Learn

IT Course and Information

Distance Learning Resource Network

Mainly paid for courses but some FREE

Accredited Distance Learning Degrees


E L Easton

Distance Learning Graduate Programmes

Women's Online Learning Courses

Global Network Academy

The Open University

International Centre for Distance Learning

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