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Caithness Views  - Out With Bill, Niall, Colin & Robert
North Coast Marine Adventure To Stroma
16 April 2002

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The Caithness.org team Bill Fernie, Niall Fernie and Colin Manson were joined by Robert Richmond to take the North Coast Marine Adventure boat trip round Stroma.  Robert was in Caithness photographing castles and wanted to take the opportunity with the rest of the group to get a good look from the sea at the stac where Mestag Castle stood.   A windy night with the tide in full flow meant missing out on the west coast but the trip round the eastern side was more sheltered and out past the lighthouse into the famous Swelkie - was unmissable.  Into the Gloup as far as the boat would go and and on past the cliffs with thousands of seabirds calling and seals diving for the water.  See where we went and if you are in Caithness book up for this fantastic experience.

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More North Coast Marine Adventure Pictures
Many more to come..................including seabirds, seals, gloup, lighthouse , swelkie.