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Martin Duffy who lives in Wick keeps his own weather measuring equipment and has been recording data since January 1995 up to date.  Starting today martin will initially send us a quarterly report on the weather and his recordings.

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7 October 03
June - August 2003 Statistics
One of the best summers in the last few years as shown by Martin's latest figures.

7 August 03
Hottest for Several Years

On Wednesday 6 August 2003  the temperature recorded was 75.4oF (24.1oC),  You have to go back to the 21st of August 1995 to better this. This was the third warmest day in 9 yrs of records, the warmest being 76.7oF (24.8oC) in August 1995.

16 June 03
Mar - May 2003 Statistics

A mild spring is being followed up as things are looking good at the moment for the summer with all but one day this month where the highest daily temperature has not broken 60oF (15.6oC).

31 March 03
Dec 2002 - Jan - Feb 2003 Statistics and Facts

With all the dry weather Martin has tallied up the dry days for the period over the last few years for comparison and it does indeed show we have had a very dry spell for the time of year in Caithness.

                              1995:- 15 Days   173mm
                              1996:- 31 Days   135.6mm
                              1997:- 25 Days  143.8mm
                              1998;- 23 Days   156.8mm
                              1999:- 22 Days   134.9mm
                              2000;- 19 Days   120.0mm
                              2001:- 30 Days   114.4mm
                              2000;- 29 Days   195.2mm
                              2003;- 44 Days   122.6mm up to 28 March

21 December 2002
Sep Oct Nov 2002

Looking at my records the wind blew from the East for 15 days, the North 12 days and the West only 3 days with no Southerlies. Quite exceptional.

6 September 2002
June July August 2002 Statistics and Facts

10 April 2002
February 2002 was the 6th wettest month on record with 90.0mm (3.5''), January to March inclusive had 195.2mm (7.7'') and was the wettest start to a year.  However I have recorded no precipitation since March 23rd, to date 18 days. Yesterdays few spots of rain not enough to tip the gauge to .2mm.  So this is Wicks driest spell on record, although the barometer is falling and I think the record will come to an end tonight.

January 2002:- First 16 days gave 2.8mm (.1'')
                         Last 15 days gave 59.2mm (2.3'')

  April 62 yr met' average is 47mm (1.9'')
  My last 8 yr ave;- is 48.5mm (1.9'')
  So we will need 2.3mm daily to the end of the month to
  maintain the average.
  April's average number of dry days is 10 over 8yr average.
  At the moment April 2002 is the driest month in 8yrs and not a 
  lot of rain forecast.
  Highest daily temperature average for April is 49.2oF 9.6oC
  Highest daily Temperature April 2002 to date is 49.4oF 9.7oC)
  Lowest daily temperature average for April is 39.3oF (4oC)
  Lowest daily temperature April 2002 to date is 39.7oF (4.3oC)
  Highest daily gust of wind for April 8yr average:- 26mph
  Highest daily gust average for April 2002:- 28mph
  As you can see its very average as far as temperature is