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Wick HarbourFest Diamond Jubilee 2012
Friday 15th, Saturday 16th Sunday 17th - June 2012

27 January 2012
Harbourfest Committee announces 2012 HarbourFest Pageant

Wick HarbourFest Committee has announced plans for another community-led  HarbourFest celebration in Wick next year.  The event will mirror HM The Queen\u2019s Diamond Jubilee Thames Flotilla being staged in London on Sunday 3 June 2012, when HM The Queen will lead over 1000 ships of all types in the largest flotilla ever seen on the Thames.

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Wick Harbourfest - Diamond Jubliee Flotilla 2012
The Wick Diamond Jubilee HarbourFest will be a far north community celebration of the Diamond Jubilee Flotilla and will be held at Wick Harbour on Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June 2012.  The Diamond Jubilee HarbourFest Queen and Royal Court will be chosen from local school children and the harbour will be filled with local and visiting vessels specially decorated for the Diamond Jubilee Harbourfest.

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the HarbourFest Committee, Councillor Gail Ross was elected as Chair of the organising Committee, with retiring Chairman Gordon Doull elected as Vice Chair. 

Upon taking the Chair, Cllr Ross said:"We are grateful to Gordon for steering the Committee over the past three years and for chairing the wonderful 2009 HarbourFest.  The Diamond Jubilee HarbourFest will have a totally new format with some very innovative attractions which are still being finalised by the Committee.  The Harbourfest pageant will be a fitting celebration of Her Majesty's 60 years on the throne and will be a wonderful spectacle of regal and maritime theatre.
This is a fantastic event for the community and I know a lot of people were disappointed that it has not become a regular feature on the calendar but this was never meant to be the case. Harbourfest will only happen when there is an occasion that we deem appropriate to celebrate.
Might I also take this opportunity to thank David and Liz Richard-Jones on their hard work over the years and I look forward to working with them and all the other members of the committee and the wider community to follow the successes of the past.
We are always on the lookout for volunteers to help with the preparations and on the day, whether you are part of a group or an individual - this is a fantastic chance to be part of such an exciting event! I am under no illusions about the amount of work involved but I am delighted to be elected as chair and relish the challenge to bring such a massive event to fruition."

27 January 2012
Search begins for Wick Diamond Jubilee HarbourFest Queen
The search has begun for the 2012 Wick Diamond Jubilee HarbourFest Queen and Ladies-in-Waiting.  Wick Harbourfest Committee hope to attract aspiring HarbourFest Queen applicants from the senior girls attending Wick High School.  In addition to the Wick Diamond Jubilee HarbourFest Queen, the Committee is also seeking two Ladies-in-Waiting to escort the Queen on her regal duties during the Diamond Jubilee Harbourfest Weekend on 16th & 17th June 2012.

Councillor Gail Ross, Chair of the HarbourFest Committee said:"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for three young ladies to become the centre of attraction during the HarbourFest.  Caithness has a long and loyal connection with the Royal family, and the Queen\u2019s Diamond Jubilee is an opportunity for the whole of Caithness to celebrate.  The Wick Diamond Jubilee HarbourFest and Royal Flotilla will be a marvellous spectacle and for the young ladies we seek to appoint to the Royal court, it will be an event they will remember for the rest of their lives."

Posters have been placed in Wick High School outlining the appointments and contact details, should the applicants wish more information about the roles of the Diamond Jubilee HarbourFest Queen and her Ladies-in-Waiting.

Lynsey Bremner, the Herring Queen for the previous HarbourFest in 2009 said:"Being chosen as the 2009 HarbourFest Herring Queen was the highlight of my High School Days.  Initially, it seemed a very daunting task, but with the support that I received from the organisers, I was able to carry out the role with confidence and enjoyment.  To this year's Harbourfest Queen I can genuinely say it will be the best thing they will ever do while at Wick High School -  go for it!"

Applications for the role of Wick Diamond Jubilee HarbourFest Queen and her two Ladies-in-Waiting close on Friday 9th March with informal interviews being held on Saturday 17th March. 

In addition to the Diamond Jubilee Harbourfest Queen and the Ladies-in-Waiting, four primary pupils will be nominated by the four Wick Primary Schools to form the Junior Court.

The Wick Diamond Jubilee celebrations will include a Crowning Ceremony in the Wick Market Square, a procession to Wick harbour for the HarbourFest Opening Ceremony on Saturday 16th June, and a magnificent Royal Diamond Jubilee Flotilla with over 150 decorated boats leaving Wick Harbour on Sunday 17th June with the Royal Court aboard the Isabella Fortuna as the lead boat.