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26 November 2002
Consent granted for 2 new, National Wind Power wind energy projects

National Wind Power1 (NWP) announced that a significant step towards a more sustainable Britain was made this week as 2 wind energy projects with a total combined capacity of 50 megawatts (MW), were granted planning permission.

The Planning Development Europe and Tourism Committee has granted planning permission to National Wind Power and Innes Miller for 27 wind turbine generators with a capacity of 48 megawatts at Causeymire, Achkeepster Farm, Watten, Caithness.   At the other end of the country, Isle of Wight Councillors voted unanimously to grant consent for the three turbine, 2MW Cheverton Down Wind Cluster2.

Alan Moore, managing director of NWP said, “The Causeymire Wind Farm will be one of the most powerful renewable energy projects in Great Britain. The Cheverton Down scheme, in contrast, will be one of the smaller commercial wind energy projects in the country. Both projects are positive steps towards a more sustainable future and illustrate that both large and small scale onshore wind energy projects have an important role to play in creating a more sustainable future for Britain.”

The Government has a target to more than triple our clean energy supplies to 10% of the UK’s electricity requirements from renewable sources by 2010 to help combat climate change. Wind energy will make an important contribution towards meeting this target3. One of the main causes of climate change is carbon dioxide released through, among other things, generating electricity by burning fossil fuels like coal and oil. Every unit of electricity generated by a wind farm displaces a unit that would have been generated by a fossil fuel power station and, therefore, helps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released.