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What They Are Saying About Wind Energy

8 August 03
Greens New Web Site Urges The Highlands to Say Yes To Wind
Highlands Asked To Log On As Campaigners Fight For Clean Energy
Green groups have launched a website that calls on people to join the campaign to increase the amount of energy supplied by wind power in the UK.  the groups are so concerned by misinformation about wind power which is circulating on the internet that they have joined forces to launch www.yes2wind.com.  Environmentalists say the technology can boost jobs and tourism while fighting climate change - the world's biggest environmental problem.
Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and WWF-UK - are determined to counter internet propaganda which has spread scare stories about planned wind farm developments.  The green groups are keen to promote the new site in The Highlands where a vocal minority has been oppose the development of clean, green energy generation.  Opinion polls show the vast majority of people support the building of wind farms but anti-wind websites and leaflets have responded with biased and unreliable information.
The new site shows how wind farms are a key part of the UK's efforts to tackle climate change and can increase investment, create jobs and attract tourists, as well as reducing air pollution.  This technology has the potential to greatluy reduce the Uk's dependence on fossil fuels like coal and gas.
www.yes2wind.com is offering prizes to Highlands residents who send them the most outrageous myths put out by anti-wind groups, for example some anti-green campaigners have made unfounded claims that wind turbines can spark epileptic fits and cause grass fires.
The new site aims to build a nationwide network of pro-wind campaigners.  Oxfordshire farmer Adam Twine offers advice on how to get a pro-wind campaign off the ground, while an electronic noticeboard lets activists in rural areas share tactics and discuss issues.  Posters and leaflets can be downloaded and experts contacted for advice.
Emily Armistead of Greenpeace said: " Europe's current extreme weather shows that climate change is already with us.  wind power is an urgently needed, clean solution to global warming.  We need people in the Highlands to support wind power in their area now.  yes2wind.com  offers loads of ways to do this".


Scottish Power
The Windiest Place In Europe - Leaflet on Wind Farms
Scotland is the windiest country in Europe with an average windspeed of more than 7.5 metres per second (at 50 metres altitude) – yet this rich resource is under exploited.  Denmark has around 2,000 MW of wind energy capacity, mostly onshore, and has recently embarked on a major offshore programme which aims eventually to meet half of the country’s energy needs by wind power. Countries such as Spain and Germany are also ahead of the UK in utilising wind energy, despite lower levels of wind speed. However, Scottish Power’s ambitious programme of wind farm development is indicative of a new emphasis in this country on renewable energy generation. 

European wind energy breaks the 20,000MW barrier 13th November 2002
40% growth rate over last 12 months  - British Wind Energy Association
Germany is leading the European expansion, commissioning 1,896 MW of wind energy in the first nine months of 2002, with Spain in second place with 742 MW. Countries which have made good progress after a relatively quiet spell include the Netherlands. France moved into tenth place in the league table with 131 MW. Austria celebrated its 100 MW landmark on the back of one of the highest situated wind farms in the world, at 1,900 metres in the Styrian Alps.  "With 50 per cent of European wind capacity, the wind power boom in Germany is set to continue," said Millais. "The German Government announced at the latest climate talks in India last month that it wants a 40 per cent cut in greenhouse gases by 2020 in Germany, and a 30 per cent cut throughout Europe by 2020. Wind energy has proven itself to be one of the most powerful technology solutions for tackling climate change".  A total of 84 per cent of European wind energy capacity is installed in Germany, Spain and Denmark. Wind energy now accounts for 4 per cent of national electricity consumption in Germany, and 18 per cent in Denmark. About 80 per cent of all wind turbines sold worldwide are manufactured by European companies.