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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945
Squadrons 48 & 608

Mr S Chaffers, Liverpool

I was posted to 48 squadron late in 1941 and was temporarily stationed at Skitten eventually moving into Wick early in January.  The squadron had previously operated Anson aircraft whilst stationed in the Hebrides but upon arrival at Wick was re-equipped with Lockheed Hudson aircraft.

Being in Maintenance Flight my time was spent mostly in the hangars - carrying out inspections, repairs and any jobs necessary to keep the aircraft serviceable.  I might add that we also had to do our share of station duties such as guarding aircraft, sentry duty and when required we had to help clear snow from the runways. As you can imagine this was a rather chilly job to say the least. As you will have gathered I was just a common or garden ground-crew, nevertheless we had our full part to play by ensuring that the aircrew had no cause to worry over the serviceability of their aircraft.

I was very lucky in the respect that I remained with 48 squadron until 1945 having left Wick for Sumburgh in the Shetlands in a Harrow aircraft on September 25th 1942.  As a matter of interest, no doubt things have altered considerably since 1942, but it was my good fortune along with 2 fellow airmen to be billeted at St Andrew's Manse with the Rev and Mrs Green who really looked after us, and who introduced us to the Rev Taylor who at the time was Moderator of the Church of Scotland.

Writing this letter has awakened some happy memories of Wick itself - having to walk down Bridge Street to the "drome", egg and chips in the Chic Café, films at the Pavilion and Breadalbane, many cups of tea and "wad" at the Church of Scotland canteen